Since its foundation by Hasso and Hubert von Blücher in 1969, the Blücher has maintained the high ethical and technological standards its customers have come to expect of it. The protection of life is central to all the company’s activities. As one of the world’s technology leaders in the development and production of adsorptive compound materials for protection against chemical and biological warfare agents, Blücher has now consolidated all its first responder and military protective gear under the brand name SARATOGA.

SARATOGA: A technology trusted and tested worldwide

The SARATOGA technology is established in over 53 nations worldwide, including 24 out of 29 Nato member states and also inspectors for the OPCW. To date, over 12 million SARATOGA protective suits for first responders, special and military forces have been delivered to customers all over the world.

In accordance with our tradition of innovative excellence, the entire value chain from raw materials to complex system solutions is covered by the company’s own development and production. Our proficient teams of experienced scientists, textile engineers and design specialists, work together with strategic partners including specialised laboratories and institutes for a steady further development of our products.

The threats which first responders and other security forces are facing during their missions and the resulting requirements for protective equipment continuously motivate Blücher to create new ideas and projects.

Users are continuously looking for materials with enhanced and broad band protection for personal protection, and this must always be adapted for the specific operation. The optimisation of wear physiology and ergonomics, longer lifetime, and the integration of systems with maximum flexibility and modularity, are further priorities.

Parallel to product development, research work also concentrates on describing these evolving features of personal protective equipment (PPE) with quantitative and objective methods, which can then reliably predict and demonstrate the suitability for the user.

Protective CBRN technology for first responders

SARATOGA CBRN protective clothing includes overgarments, uniforms, undergarments, as well as hand and foot protection. The core technology for SARATOGA CBRN protective clothing is based on a unique range of spherical adsorbers, which are specifically engineered for the adsorption of chemical warfare agents.

Dedicated fabric processing technologies enable the manufacturing of highly air permeable, extremely flexible and durable textile compounds and clothing systems.

Initiated by user requests to fill the existing gap in protection, Blücher has developed CBRN protective suits, which additionally provide an efficient air permeable aerosol protective performance while maintaining its physiological and tactile characteristics.

A new generation of fabrics

A new generation of lightweight, comfortable, durable and stretchable SARATOGA fabrics enabled the development of CBRN protective undergarments, socks and gloves with extensive CBRN protection including aerosol protection. Meanwhile, first responders and EOD teams are benefitting from the combination of low profile, excellent wear physiology and high levels of protection.

SARATOGA CBRN protective boots with an adapted design and an integrated, air permeable, adsorptive and durable liner material, provide essential mobility in connection with protection without additional weight.