What’s the story behind ELAC Nautik? Can you outline some company history?

Ulrike Schulte-Rahde: L-3 ELAC Nautik has a long history in underwater acoustics. In 1908, some scientists from Kiel, Germany started to research sound propagation. The company Electroacustik (ELAC) was founded in 1926 and used these research results for the development of the first units ready for serial production.

When the German National People’s Army was founded in 1956, a demand for special products and systems for underwater communication arose. Only ELAC was able to develop and produce these systems, leading to a constant extension of the product range.

Since 1998, L-3 ELAC Nautik has been a subsidiary of L-3 Communications, which has headquarters in New York City. In addition to the advantages of a strong parent company, customers benefit from a wide range of products and capabilities resulting from the collaboration of all L-3 companies.

Can you describe your core product range for the defence and security market, and explain how these products benefit the sector?

For the defence and security market, we develop and produce sonar systems, echo sounders and underwater communication systems at our facility in Kiel. We have a wide range of passive and active sonar systems for surface vessels and submarines for special purposes like navigation, and detection and mine avoidance.

Our underwater communication systems are well reputed worldwide; the market-leading UT 3000 is the very first underwater communication system combining analogue and digital communication in one unit. All systems for the naval sector are well proven and new developments evolve from our unbeaten know-how and close network with our customers.

What are your main strengths?

L-3 ELAC Nautik has supplied equipment and systems for surface vessels and submarines to more than 40 navies worldwide. We combine decades of experience with innovative solutions in order to develop capable and cost-effective systems. Our particular strength is the quick and flexible implementation of unique, customer-specific requirements.

What service and support can you offer clients?

Our company is known for its extensive and reliable technical support. We have a highly qualified team of service engineers, who assist our customers with everything from installation proposals to all kinds of repair tasks. They are not only on site whenever needed, but we also have a service hotline. Of course, we also have experienced agents worldwide to guarantee the quick solution of any problems that might arise. Our service team also offers a wide variety of training for operators and maintainers.

Other services include the production of all kinds of accessories for installation and the operation of active and passive transducers and hydroacoustic measurement.

Do you have any future plans you’d like to discuss?

Our goal is to maintain our high standards and to use our special know-how to develop even more pioneering products that satisfy our customers worldwide.