With an extensive product portfolio for military and special operations forces around the globe, pewag is the specialist in innovative, reliable, tried and tested solutions for even the toughest working conditions.

With more than 500 years’ experience, pewag is considered one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of chain slings, lifting points, lashing chains and traction chains. It was the world’s first manufacturer of a grade 12 chain system, and its multifaceted product portfolio provides the most comprehensive chain system for lashing technology and load securing in the grade 10 category. Grade 10 chains and suspensions have a load capacity that is 25% higher than that of grade 8 chains with the same chain weight or provide the same load capacity with a lower chain weight. pewag’s grade 12 products achieve a load capacity up to 50% higher than grade 8.

For military applications where safety and speed are of the essence, pewag’s lifting point profilift gamma is the ideal solution. The world’s first lifting point that can be screwed on and removed without any tools and can be freely rotated by 360°, it is designed for applications where the lifting point is needed only briefly and is removed immediately after.

profilift alpha and beta and the weldable lifting point PLE hold the clevis in any position.

Traction chains are extremely important to ensure safety during military missions, and are used mostly in muddy areas or wet grasslands. Off-road tyres quickly clog up on this kind of terrain, thus losing traction. A traction chain encompasses the tyre, cleans it at every rotation and ensures that the operations vehicle always has sufficient traction to keep moving. Of course, traction chains may also be used on snow and ice.

pewag traction chains are subject to the toughest product tests.