With the relaunch of the MFS brand, we aim to serve armed forces and law enforcement customers in Europe and Asia with best in class ammunition. The brand stands for quality and reliable ammunition through well-proven manufacturing and businesses practices. Today more than 70 customers consider the factory in Sirok / Hungary as trusted, responsive and solution-driven partner of choice. For continuous improvement, RUAG Ammotec has invested in new capacities and new NATO calibers. MFS manufactures ammunition according to C.I.P., NATO and the former Soviet/Russian standards.

“In order to distinguish between the two market segments Defense / Law Enforcement and Hunting / Sports we are re-launching the MFS brand”, says Richard Somogyi, General Manager at MFS. "With our new appearance we will offer high-quality specialized calibers at attractive prices. This vision fuels our enthusiasm and pioneering spirit”, he comments in addition.

About MFS

Based on the heritage and the expertise of the Hungarian ammunition manufacturing dated back to “Magyar Fegyver és Lőszergyár Inc.” from 1881. The succcessor company “Mátravidéki Fémművek Ltd”. was established in Sirok, Hungary, in 1952. The focus was on supplying ammunition to the Hungarian military and law enforcement organizations in the 1950’s. With the help of an additional investment in the factory, the production of new types of ammunition started to enter the sport and hunting market in the late 1950’s with the brand name of “MFS” and exported its products to more than 70 countries.

A major milestone was in 2009 when RUAG Ammotec Group acquired the factory and the brand name. After the acquisition, it was integrated into RUAG’s Swiss and German organization by introducing top-notch technologies and processes in order to supply the premium brands of the group with pistol and revolver ammunition.

If you would like to get more information about MFS please see www.mfs-ammunition.com or https://www.facebook.com/MFSforAmmunition/.

For information about MFS: Csaba Toth, Senior Key Account Manager, +36 36 361 122, Csaba.Toth@ruag.com

For information about the RUAG Ammotec division: Matthias Vogel, VP Corporate Communication & Strategy, +49 911 7930 567; Matthias.vogel@ruag.com