Investigation authorities at all levels face the same challenge of increasing data volumes delivered by various heterogeneous sensor systems. Interception capabilities and data captures cannot be allocated thoroughly due to the lack of homogeneous tasking.

For 60 years, PLATH has been a trusted partner to military and intelligence agencies, providing them with customer-specific solutions for communications intelligence, electronic warfare and intelligence collection management. Using its vast experience of developing innovative solutions and understanding of domain and interfacing, PLATH created ICAS (Intelligence Control and Analysis System).

ICAS’s cutting-edge sensor-independent intelligence technology is characterised by the automatic real-time control of signal processing, automatic data fusion from multiple sensors, central graphical user interface for all system workstations, and visualisation of the overall situation in a geo-referenced overview. Approved evaluation products process content data such as voice or text, and produce communication profiles and network relations. Other providers’ software and hardware modules (for example, receivers, text or voice processing) can easily be integrated as well.

ICAS is a control, command and distribution system for all types of efficient task-related and sensor-independent
data collection. It allows for remote command and control of multiple collection systems as well as their flexible organisation of operational or tactical scenarios. It inherently monitors connectivity status and system readiness, ensuring loss-free data connection, and supporting remote control and maintenance.

Operators benefit from the lucid user interface, comprehensive signal display and unified system controls. Administration takes advantage of the overall modularity and scalability, along with reduced training and maintenance.