Could you provide some background to Visio Ingenii, and explain your involvement with the defence and security sector?

Nagachetan Bangalore: Visio Ingenii (VI) arose from a passion for introducing next-generation technology in machine vision, signal processing, augmented reality, robotics and self-learning systems. At VI, our scientists believe that accuracy and robustness are the most critical aspects of providing effective and comprehensive technology solutions.

We have undergone intensive research – investigating and testing the key vision challenges faced in several industries today, including the defence and security sectors. As a result of this endeavour, we have developed state-of-the-art technologies that will provide cutting-edge solutions for complex machine vision requirements.

What solutions do you provide for object recognition, tracking, detection and monitoring?

After several years of intensive research in the field of machine vision and signal processing, we have developed and prototyped several solutions. These include:

  • object recognition: multiple complex object recognition, invariant to lighting conditions and cluttered environments
  • dynamic tracking: tracking dynamic objects in static and moving complex camera scenarios, tolerant to varying lighting, clutter and weather conditions
  • augmented reality: technology that is all about creating composite monumental virtual experiences over normal reality.

We have an extended R&D team assisting in transforming concepts to commercial prototypes and products. As well as the products above, we also have robust facial recognition-based matching, fire detection and crowd management solutions.

How do these solutions increase the safety and tactical advantage of troops?

We have robust and comprehensive solutions for civilian and military crowd management systems. These solutions assist security professionals in control rooms or on tactical operations. They monitor, manage and analyse crowded scenarios and situations.

Our crowd management suite is capable of analysing and measuring density, velocity, direction and bearing. In addition to the statistics, we also have modules that can cluster crowds based on colour, groups or ambiguous activities. The tool has been developed and stress-tested to be user-friendly and accurate, thus acting to increase safety, security and tactical advantage in mission critical situations.

How do your solutions set themselves apart from other similar systems on the market?

At Visio Ingenii, we believe in being different. We constantly contemplate problems involving real-time situations, be it on the battlefield or in various civilian environments, and design our solutions and products appropriately to match niche customer requirements. Our main focus has always been to prioritise accuracy and reliability in our products and prototypes.

What kind of emphasis do you place on research and development?

With Visio Ingenii being the brainchild of passionate innovators from research and academic backgrounds, we place an emphasis on research and development of the state-of-the-art technology and solutions. Because our primary motivation lies with solving major research problems in the industry, the majority of our developers have a research background. This enables us to tackle the most challenging problems in the machine vision and signal processing industry.

What market trends are you noticing at present?

The machine vision and signal processing industries are flourishing; they have substantially matured when it comes to innovating products based on vast research and development in the domain. Continuous improvements in cost, performance, algorithmic robustness and the growing demand for machine vision solutions in various domains are encouraging – motivating small and large-scale industries alike.