Remember that famous picture of a resolute Uncle Sam pointing his forefinger above the well-known slogan ‘I want you’? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn what Uncle Sam was pointing at: Carmix. (Just kidding… but not entirely.)

In fact, besides being a peaceful concrete mixer, Carmix has over the years become indispensable support and logistics equipment for several armies around the world. As Carmix can provide fresh and quality concrete under any conditions, it is an essential requirement in the hard and remote areas in which troops usually operate.

Carmix can be described as a self-propelled, mobile, self-loading batching plant. A single Carmix can produce, transport and discharge more than 100m³ of concrete a day. Furthermore, thanks to its four-wheel driving (and steering), automatic hydrostatic transmission, heavy-duty axles and turbo powerful motors, Carmix can perform superbly in the toughest job sites far from any basic infrastructure, or where the very first infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, plants and sewages, are created by Carmix itself.

It also yields excellent results thanks to its components (Perkins and Cummins engines, Dana Spicer axles, Danfoss hydraulics, Bosch Rexroth transmissions and so on) and, above all, a sound quality control process. Each single Carmix is tested and works for hours before leaving the factory, ensuring the best reliability and top performance for longer and under the worst working conditions.

If Carmix is consistently chosen by many prestigious armies including the US Air Force, US Navy and German Bundeswehr, this is also due to the special care taken by this family company located near Venice, which inspires not only its products but also its complete service, from first contact to after-sale support.