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The World Famous FN MINIMI® Adapts to New Operational Conditions

Belgium-based small arms manufacturer FN Herstal unveils the next generation FN MINIMI® Light Machine Gun in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibers during the MILIPOL exhibition in Paris (19 to 22 November 2013).

The lonely walk: facing improvised explosive devices

With a lifetime fighting bomb-makers in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Columbia and Afghanistan under his belt, ex-British Army officer Major Chris Hunter is a world-renowned counterterrorism expert. He gives Jack Wittels an insider’s account of insurgent use of improvised explosive devices, from their technological evolution through to the armed forces’ response strategies.

Cyber soldier: technology on the battlefield

While the next generation of fighter aircraft and strike bombers will no longer carry crews, the soldiers fighting on the ground continue to face the same tough and bloody challenges as their forebears. Colonel (retired) Richard Hansen Jr, former project manager for Soldier Warrior at the US Army Defense Acquisition University’s Program Executive Office Soldier, explains how technology is now transforming the way they join and fight engagements.

Dark days for piracy

The number of piracy incidents reported in the Gulf of Aden may be falling, but elsewhere, figures are on the rise. Peter Cook of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry speaks to Jack Wittels about the current situation off the Horn of Africa, and the emerging challenges in the Gulf of Guinea and South China Sea.

The fifth dimension: cyber defence

Cyberattacks on targets of national importance, including government and defence departments, are becoming more sophisticated and more frequent. In response, Europe is in the process of ramping up its efforts to counter such threats through a combination of research and awareness initiatives. Ross Davies meets Michael Sieber and Wolfgang Roehrig of the European Defence Agency to find out more.

In it together: a collaborative approach to warfare logistics

Logistical bottlenecks can severely hamper the effectiveness of any expeditionary warfare. Defence & Security Systems International asks NATO why a collaborative approach to logistics is key to successful coalition operations, and how such a set-up is implemented.

The next level: training and simulation in the British Army

With defence budgets under pressure, cost-effective training methods are in high demand. Critical to maintaining and improving the skills of the warfighter, the use of simulation and synthetic environments is growing as a training tool to complement live exercises. Nick Taylor, head of the Land Equipment Training and Simulation Systems programme at DE&S, tells Elly Earls about the approach of the British Army.

Quantum Dawn 2 cybersecurity exercise a success

Of all business sectors, financial institutions are subject to the most frequent and sustained cyberattacks, creating a risk not just to their own businesses, but also to overall national and international cybersecurity.

US Navy deploys MK18 Kingfish UUV

The US Navy has deployed its first MK18 Mod 2 Kingfish unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) following the completion of more than 30 manoeuvres off the Gulf of Mexico.

Precision-guided solutions

The high cost of precision-guided missiles can severely restrict a force’s ability to accurately strike soft and lightly armoured targets in urban areas. Dave Harrold, BAE Systems’ precision-guidance solutions product line director, discusses the economic and weapon compatibility challenges facing today’s armed services, and the firm’s latest laser-guided rocket: the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System.