The UP LIFTING army range have been supplemented by two new 4 WD reach stackers models. The RSUP 17-AT & RSUP 12-AT opens up new horizons of versatility. Those reach stackers are able to work in all terrain conditions and are designed to be transported by air for a quick intervention anywhere.

The mains features are:

  • They have the capability to work with different kinds of tools as spreader, forks thanks to a fast and easy hydraulic quick coupling. A multifunction machine not only enables the vehicle to perform different types of tasks, but also makes it possible to reduce costs and volumes during air transport.
  • Work conditions: these machines can work in all conditions since they are equipped with a 4-wheel drive system for all terrain and have options of mode as crabbing, rotating or regular.
  • Compact and light machine able to be transported by air in order to increase the quickness of the intervention. In this globalised world, mobility is an essential factor and speed of movement is capital; a modern army needs to be capable of moving fast and moving these means with great efficiency.

UP LIFTING employees and experienced representatives and dealers network, work hardly every day to provide customised machines and personalised service for a best efficiency.