Nowadays, for transportation and containers, bulk handling is key to maintain growth in country and continent connection. It is a crucial part of the world economy. Exports and imports has become an indispensable part of our life and nothing will be done without moving these millions and millions of 20 foot equivalents unites (TEU), moving them is our core of business. We are expert in designing, manufacturing and servicing the reach stackers and forklifts that contribute to moving our goods. The military does not escape transportation issues either: they must move men and means as quickly as possible; logistics of the armies must be considered and manufactured, for their needs, air-transportable and all-terrain machines, are imperative.

The first steps of GAYPU GROUP and by extension UP LIFTING date back to 1963 to the town of Bolea Huesca where the business was based on the manufacture of farm implements, agricultural machinery and wrought iron work, treating and molding the metal into works of craftsmanship. In 1995 the company expanded its facilities in Huesca, acquiring a more industrial structure and modernising its machinery. It is from 2002 that the company took a major leap forward, making a significant technological shift that enabled increased production capacity to meet new market demands, increasing quality standards and providing a comprehensive service to the Customer, as opposed to what was previously only cutting and welding. In 2008 new facilities were inaugurated with the latest technology machinery and modern spaces designed for the development of the production process.

In 2011 the group continued its constant evolution, creating the company UP LIFTING which uses all the experience and know-how accumulated in the GAYPU GROUP to provide solutions for loading, unloading and handling of products in varied environments. The new ensign of GAYPU GROUP specialised in the development and manufacture of lift trucks and large tonnage cranes. In 2015 new assembly plant of 9,000m2 in PLHUS Industrial Area was opened.

Products Line:

  • Reach Stacker for loaded containers
  • Reach Stacker for empty containers
  • Forklift Truck. From 8 to 80 tons
  • Special vehicles for Armies.

Our machines could be equipped of the following features:

  • Airborne
  • Rough terrain
  • Atex
  • All-weather
  • Armoured.