INVISIO today announces a new platform and generation of tactical communication control units – the INVISIO V-Series Gen II. Combined with INVISIO headsets, the platform sets a new standard for audio performance and hearing protection within the defense and public safety markets for years to come.

Environmental photo of the INVISIO V60 II control unit, capable of connecting into any communication device

INVISIO has a long track record of providing industry leading solutions to the most demanding elite units in the world. The recipe for this is developing cutting-edge technologies and building on the experience of the users in field. Fueled by a range of new innovations and designed for defense and public safety professionals on critical missions, the INVISIO V-Series Gen II sets the bar for market leading audio performance and hearing protection.

Product front view of the INVISIO V60 II control unit

The new capabilities include audio that automatically adapt to the surrounding noise levels, digital signal processing techniques to filter out all unwanted noise, and increased speech intelligibility. The removal of any constant radio noise when audio transmission is idle, and the smooth transition from noisy to quieter environments is also part of the new offering.  Apart from improving communication and safety, all these new capabilities help to eliminate fatigue caused by noise.

Environmental photo of the R30, a wireless remote PTT enabling hands-free operation of the control unit

The INVISIO Gen II platform brings several new, unique features to the tactical communication market:

Mission adaptive

Received audio volume automatically adapts to surrounding noise level for secure, uninterrupted intelligibility and seamless communication.


Unparalleled audio performance excluding all unwanted noise.

Market leading hearing protection

Increased protection levels and option of double hearing protection with hear through at a market leading 42 dB SNR / 34 dB NNR attenuation.

Flexible and intuitive

Limitless configurations, making Gen II suitable for all scenarios, and VOX functionality and voice prompts for intuitive operations.

A combination of the INVISIO X5 in-the-ear headset, the INVISIO T7 over-the-ear headset and the V60 Gen II control unit constitutes the market leading double hearing protection solution for extremely noisy environments.

Apart from the capabilities available now, it is the long-term prospects and opportunities that excites: “This is not just incremental improvements of an existing product range. This is a new platform for tactical communication systems and a paradigm shift from hardware to software”, INVISIOs SVP of R&D Jan Larsen explains.

“This will have a huge impact for our customers moving forward as the level of flexibility is exponentially different. We have taken a big leap forward in applying new technologies, digital signaling processing techniques and software that will enable more custom and agile configurations opportunities in the future.”   

The concept of customized and unlimited configurations is also well aligned with the integration capabilities already realized today by the INVISIO patented IntelliCable® concept, an intelligent chip embedded in INVISIO cables to auto-detect and upgrade all types of comms devices and their settings.  

Not least of all, the Gen II control unit builds on the strong legacy of the current V-Series: Designed and optimized to meet or exceed the rigorous 810H military standard, they are submersible down to 20 meters and are extremely lightweight and rugged.

INVISIOs SVP of Sales, Carsten Aagesen, concludes: “We are very excited to announce the V-Series Gen II as the platform providing the future of audio performance and hearing protection today”

For more information, visit or contact or your local INVISIO sales representative. Additional product data and photos are available on request.


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