Founded in 2001, EVPÚ Defence is a specialist in the development, design and production of special fixed and mobile monitoring and surveillance systems intended for the security and control of borders, airports, harbours and other high-interest areas.

The product line includes special monitoring and surveillance vehicles, multisensory heads and containers. They can be equipped with cooled or uncooled infrared (IR) cameras, colour CCD cameras for daytime use, laser range finders, GPS and digital magnetic compasses. Various types of two-axis manipulators (pan/tilt) with or without stabilisation and lots of special software applications are available for these devices.

MIZAR is a unique monitoring and surveillance system that integrates radar technology and optical sensor information in one system. Equipped with pole-through-pan tilt, the system can carry optical surveillance sensors such as CCD TVs and IR cameras, and independent surveillance radar can be placed on the top plate.

The system architecture is also open to integration with various types of radars from different manufacturers (for example, Flir, Blighter, Elta and Thales), which can be mounted on the independent top plate. Thanks to their high-accuracy movement and powerful sensoring capabilities, the sensors are suitable for long-range observation and are able to detect people up to 20km away, whether it is day or night.

EVPÚ Defence offers three basic lines of mobile monitoring and surveillance systems: Taipan, Vipera and Strix. All of these feature high modularity, allowing implementation in different types of passenger vehicles, from both a technical and riding point of view, aside from military vehicles.

These three lines are based on the Sirius 20, Sirius 15 and Sirius 11 systems, according to technical parameters, but come complete with new sensors, control elements, masts and so forth.