New Breed Logistics has been servicing the requirements of the defence sector since shortly after the company’s founding in 1968, with a primary focus on the aerospace manufacturing industry. While this remains a focus today in the shape of service parts, manufacturing support, planning, procurement, and transportation management for organisations such as Boeing, Bombardier, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, UTC Aerospace Systems and Woodward, the company’s service offerings have expanded to include branches of the US military, Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) as well as military vehicle manufacturers such as Navistar Defense.

New Breed’s IT-powered solutions meet the rapidly changing requirements of these manufacturers and organisations while maintaining the highest levels of quality, accuracy and speed of response. New Breed’s proven pre-integrated systems and modular processes can be deployed anywhere in the world with minimal start-up time, while providing rapid time-to-value for its clients.

New Breed’s unique approach has dramatically improved the readiness posture of the US Marine Corps while at the same time reducing its investment in inventory.

The company’s quality execution in support of Boeing’s rotorcraft operations has helped drive down manufacturing times for CH-47 helicopters as well as providing worldwide aircraft-on-ground emergency service parts distribution for all international military customers operating Boeing’s aircraft. These services on behalf of Boeing have earned New Breed a ‘Supplier of the Year’ award as well as five consecutive ‘Performance Excellence’ awards.

Key service offerings

Key to New Breed’s comprehensive service offering for the defence sector are its demand planning, inventory management and acquisition services. These services take historical data, combined with client collaboration on upcoming initiatives (such as product introductions or fleet upgrades), market research and predictive analyses, to accurately plan for appropriate inventory stocking levels, thus ensuring that ‘stock outs’ do not impact service levels while minimising inventory investment.

Similarly, New Breed’s transportation management services enable defence sector clients to maximise customer service levels while minimising transport costs. Transportation professionals make use of sophisticated software applications to move products in the most cost-effective way while still meeting expected service and quality levels. Furthermore, network analysis based on demand history helps clients optimise depot locations to provide additional cost savings.

With a deep focus on quality that incorporates everything from technology design and implementation to ongoing management of operations, New Breed is the first US-based logistics company to achieve ISO/IEC 20000 certification, the international standard for IT service management. The company already holds AS 9100 & 9120, ISO 9001, TL 9000, and ISO 14001 certification.

Business ownership

New Breed differs from other logistics organisations serving the defence sector in that it examines a client’s supply chains holistically, identifying areas for improvement, bottle necks, cost drivers, and service level and quality constraints and developing solutions to solve them.

Where other providers seek to perform the same task for fractionally lower costs, or seek incremental service level enhancements, New Breed strives to solve fundamental challenges on behalf of its clients, transforming their supply chains into agile, responsive tools generating actionable data that forms the basis for intelligent decision-making.

This entrepreneurial approach is based on the belief that helping clients to grow their businesses is the best way for New Breed to thrive. In the defence sector, where potential customers are few and the risk associated with poor service levels is high, this ‘business ownership’ approach has proven to build strong partnerships between New Breed and its clients.

As New Breed increases its suite of service offerings on behalf of the defence sector, the company is also expanding its geographic footprint, as well as the variety of defence sector organisations it services. Additional defence sector support operations in Europe, Asia and other geographies are on the horizon, as are value-adding services related to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and other initiatives.