Complex connector solutions are used in a variety of different application areas. Versatile and efficient system solutions are in particularly high demand when it comes to vehicle or end-of-line testing.

Versatility in practice

The new cable part of the ODU MEDI-SNAP® in sizes 1 and 2 embodies precisely such a solution, and allows for customized adjustments to fit very specific circumstances. Pre-assembled, it’s easy to install. The ODU MINI-SNAP® is an ideal, self-securing circular push-pull connector for high performance applications in the smallest of spaces. Whether for transmitting power, signals, data or even fluids – the circular connector with a robust metal housing is extremely reliable, even under the most challenging ambient conditions. Moreover, it’s designed for intuitive use with minimal installation effort. All of this makes the ODU MEDI-SNAP® the ideal interface for such areas as vehicle testing.

ODU-MAC® RAPID: Twice as fast thanks to the half-shell principle

The ODU-MAC® modular hybrid connector transmits signals, power, high current, high voltage, coax, media such as air and fluids, data or fiber optics – all in a single interface. According to reports from ODU customers, the rectangular connector can achieve over one million mating cycles, all thanks to its reliable contact systems. In addition to multiple new modules, visitors can also look forward to an innovative development regarding connector housings. The ODU-MAC® RAPID is ODU’s flexible new housing principle with a host of intelligent details within the half-shell principle. With this device part, a flush installation in the test cabinet becomes possible, and a wide range of accessories is also available.

ODU brings together a wealth of experience with expertise in future-forward technologies: At the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, the electrical connector specialist will display their extended product portfolio. Innovations have come about as a logical development of the product portfolio in response to market and customer demands. In addition to the modular rectangular connector, the technology company offers further high-quality connector solutions. Whether off the rack or as part of customer- and application-specific designs, whether circular connectors or electrical contacts – ODU delivers precise connector solutions for many different industries. Upon request, the company also delivers the necessary cable assemblies. ODU can be found at booth 1258 at the Automotive Testing Expo.

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