At DSEI 2015, Terma introduces the newly developed SCANTER 2600 Series Naval Surveillance Radar. It is well-suited as sensor in systems for medium-range surface surveillance and meets the requirements for professional navigation applications, where quality and durability requirements are significant.

The outdoor transceiver unit is a ruggedized design for up-mast installation to minimize waveguide loss between antenna and transceiver. All interfaces, processing, and tracking are embedded in the up-mast unit.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements can be met with a Terma 7in Compact antenna. With larger antennas, small target detection capability is further increased.

The SCANTER 2600 radar series is an X-band, 2D, fully coherent pulse compression radar, based on Solid State transmitter technology with software-defined functionality. The series includes all RF-signals and processing in one unit. ET2 tracking may be included as an embedded option.

The SCANTER 2600 series is part of a large family of Terma radar products, which have all benefitted from the introduction of fully digital signal processing and Solid State technology.

Terma has more than 60 years of experience in developing and manufacturing radars, and more than 2,200 radar systems are installed worldwide for Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), Coastal Surveillance Radar (CS), and Surface Movement Radar (SMR) segments.

Meet Terma at stand no S7-263 at the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2015 to learn more about the SCANTER 2600 Series Naval Surveillance Radar.