ST Engineering and Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and products, today announced the launch of the world’s first Augmented Intelligence, biometric-enabled Smart Glasses platform to boost productivity of enterprise customers and, in the face of burgeoning urbanisation, enhance global public safety.

This platform as a service (PaaS), developed by ST Engineering’s Electronics sector, is a new pay-per-use application integrated with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, enabling hands-free and non-intrusive identification. With this subscription-based, smart glass model, enterprise customers in the healthcare, aviation, logistics and manufacturing industries can save costs without the need of additional infrastructure or hand-held devices.

The PaaS Smart Glass solution allows customisation of a number of applications including hands-free scanning of barcodes for efficient cargo loading and delivery; real-time cross-referencing against a central database of criminal offenders and displaying route maps to criminal suspects in the vicinity. At the frontline of emergencies, it enables first responders to more efficiently identify causalities or patients and obtain vital information such as medical histories of allergies and blood type. This reduces the wait time upon arrival at hospitals, allowing critical medical help to be delivered more quickly to patients.

"For decades, we have stayed committed to delivering innovative, frontier technologies that enable our global customers to stay ahead in the market and push the industry forward," said Mr Low Jin Phang, general manager of Info-Software Systems, Electronics, ST Engineering. "Technology has created a new world of work possibilities with the application of artificial intelligence and data analytics to healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, logistics and public safety, taking on-the-job efficiency to a whole new dimension. With the Vuzix Biometric Smart Glasses, enterprises and security agencies will be able to mobilise frontline and field workers
with up to 50% enhanced productivity as a result of streamlined work processes.

"Vuzix is committed to delivering innovative AR smart glass solutions that are lightweight, wearable all day and deliver information to users across the enterprise when and where they need it," said Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix. "ST Engineering’s biometric-enabled platform, coupled with Vuzix Smart Glasses, create a powerful tool that can boost productivity of enterprise customers and enhance public safety worldwide."

The PaaS Smart Glass solution is targeted for frontline and field-based workers in the industries of aviation, healthcare, security, manufacturing and logistics industries. It will be available for preview at CES 2019 on 8-11 January, at the Vuzix booth #15036 at Tech East LVCC, Central Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada.