Hamburg, 16 November 2020 – Headquartered in Hamburg, the PLATH Group has been one of the leading European suppliers and technological pioneers in the area of data-driven crisis prevention for almost 70 years. With a more decentralised organisational structure and independently operating business divisions, the PLATH Group will now be able to respond even faster and more extensively to the needs of its customers. In addition, the medium-sized Group now has a new motto – Confidence through Competence – and an updated communications strategy as well as a brand-new website at

The five business divisions within the PLATH Group now operate even more independently and more focused in the context of the market. As always, the PLATH Group’s aim is to provide customers with the best possible support in their strategic and tactical operations: with precise sensor technology, high-performance software as well as tailored systems and customised services.

The individual divisions have outstanding technical expertise in their respective fields and complement each other within the Group. This distinguishes the PLATH Group and is also reflected in its long-standing and steadily growing customer relationships.

Five business divisions – one shared basis
The PLATH Group’s five business divisions and more than 500 highly qualified experts are located at sites across Germany, Europe and Asia. They serve different aspects of the intelligence cycle, with customers enjoying a very high degree of flexibility and speed. The business divisions are:

► Systems & Integration
The PLATH Systems & Integration (S&I) division is the central hub for all system queries within the Group. Based on many years of domain knowledge, S&I supports its customers from conceptual design and system integration to commissioning and, in the long term, during the operating phase as well. The S&I experts design and realise integrated systems that precisely meet all technical and operational customer requirements.

► Sensors
The PLATH Sensors business division offers premium sensor technology for signal detection. Precise, highly sensitive antennae, direction finders and receivers form the technical basis for the entire intelligence cycle – and thus play a key role in system efficiency and the continuous acquisition of knowledge. In-house production ‘made in Germany’ guarantees reliability and supply security.

► Radio Reconnaissance Software
The PLATH Radio Reconnaissance Software business division offers powerful software: ICAS for automated radio reconnaissance and COCKPIT for tactical operations. Both support interoperable, future-proof systems that cover the entire intelligence cycle. They can be used independently of sensors and manufacturers and, thanks to their high modularity and scalability, can be adapted to any application scenario.

The two business divisions are independent companies within the PLATH Group:

► Joint Intelligence Analytics (INNOSYSTEC GmbH)
INNO is the software specialist when it comes to handling and analysing large volumes of data. SCOPE, the highly scalable and configurable software for big data analytics, allows users to collect, analyse and correlate information from different data sources all on a single platform.

► Signal Analysis and Signal Monitoring (PROCITEC GmbH)
PROCITEC GmbH’s innovative, hardware-independent and highly scalable go2SIGNALS product line enables the monitoring, processing and analysis of HF and V/UHF signals in tactical and strategic application scenarios. The modular and easy-to-integrate go2SIGNALS supports systems for automatic radio monitoring and electronic intelligence.
‘International crises and the resulting need for intelligence services are developing much faster than a few years ago. With our new structure and the focus on data-driven crisis prevention, we in the PLATH Group are adapting to this situation. We are giving our business divisions the opportunity to use their expertise to operate more flexibly and also to continue to grow. This will enable us to react even faster to the new reality of our customers in the future and to offer them products and systems that are optimally suited for every application scenario,’ explains Nico Scharfe, managing partner of the PLATH Group.

With new customers on a growth course
The new structure allows the PLATH Group to reach further customer groups such as system integrators in addition to the existing core target group of security authorities. The PLATH Group is thus taking the next step in its success story and opening up new markets and further growth opportunities.

Headquartered in Hamburg, the PLATH Group is a family-run, medium-sized Group with comprehensive market and technology expertise in data-driven crisis prevention. It supplies the market with dedicated products, systems and services and is divided into five highly specialised business divisions: Systems & Integration, Sensors, Signal Analysis and Signal Monitoring, Radio Reconnaissance Software and Joint Intelligence Analytics. This focus guarantees outstanding professional expertise, a high degree of innovation and comprehensive industry knowledge. The PLATH Group thus supports its customers to fulfil their respective security assignments. More information at