Fischer Connectors, a worldwide leader in push-pull circular connectors and cable assembly solutions, publicly presented the new 24 pin socket version of the innovative Fischer MiniMax™ Series.

This innovative, high-density miniature solution has a unique combination of power and signal contacts, enables more functionality in smaller devices, and lowers the total cost of ownership. With this product range extension, the Fischer MiniMax Series is now available both in 19 and 24 pin socket configurations, giving designers more flexibility, especially where space and weight restrictions play a role.

"In a tough military environment, reliable connections are essential because lives depend on them," says Wim Vanheertum, MiniMax product manager at Fischer Connectors. "With this new rugged, high-density MiniMax pin socket connector, many handheld or body-worn applications can reach the next level of miniaturisation, making them more user-friendly to the soldiers or support staff who use them. Soon we’ll add the last missing piece of the puzzle with a new quick release version, to be launched in June."

The pin socket version of the Fischer MiniMax Series is available as a standalone connector, or as a complete pre-cabled solution. As well as being ideal for hand-held use, it is well suited for use in unmanned land- and air-based vehicles, like drones, that often need to capture high-resolution images, sound or video while braving wind, rain and shocks. There are numerous other uses in High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) products for civilian and military applications where performance and reliability matter. Other applications include medical, manufacturing instrumentation and testing, where easy handling, precise calibration and access to multiple protocols via a single connector are important.

The 24 pin configuration is available with four power and 20 signal contacts, whereas the 19 pin configuration of the Fischer MiniMax Series features 4 power and 15 signal contacts as standard, with the unique possibility of increasing the number of power contacts, depending on the cable used. Within the signal contacts, there are two advanced contacts for USB power connections as an available option.

The Fischer MiniMax Series is available in three latching systems: push-pull, screw lock and quick release. The most important specifications are as follows:

  • small profile: less than 7mm inside the box and only 12mm diameter Sealed IP68 (2m/24h), both mated and unmated
  • reliable with up to 5,000 mating cycles
  • robust keying system withstands over 4 Nm of torque
  • over-moulded assemblies able to withstand 40 kg (88 lbs.) of pull (break-away) force.