ODU, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high performance connector solutions and cable assemblies, is announcing its complete ODU AMC® advanced connector solutions to the European market.

Designed especially for military and security technology, ODU AMC is an advanced and highly reliable connector solution with push-pull locking or break-away function for the next-generation soldier communication systems.

This extremely robust metal circular connector series is designed for a large number of soldier modernisation applications such as:

  • group voice and data radio
  • navigation module
  • soldier control unit
  • rugged computers and handheld devices
  • GPS antennas
  • military night vision devices
  • unmanned systems
  • land vehicles.

Rugged, watertight and easy to clean, these lightweight, non-reflective connector systems have excellent EMI shielding within a compact housing. Individual contact configurations are available in one integrated connector solution: signal, low/high voltage transmission, coax/triax, compressed air inserts.

The ODU AMC® series include 4 different types of connector solutions:


ODU AMC High-Density is a miniature connector designed for harsh environment applications. It is used extensively in soldier communications and future soldier systems that require significant weight and space reduction such as field radios, portable computers, night vision and digital scopes. The compact and lightweight connector offers high performance data transmission, high reliability and easy handling.

ODU AMC push-pull design enables the mating and unmating of the connector with minimal force. Beside the quick and simple mating and unmating option, the connector solution offers an incredibly rugged housing with non-reflective surface, mechanical and colour keying, 5,000 mating cycles durability, high-speed data technology, watertight – protection class IP 68 and IP 69 and versatile configurations: signal, power, high/low voltage transfer and coax possible within one connector.

The ODU AMC with break-away function was designed for connectors that need to be mated and unmated fast during usage. One pull on the cable is enough to unmate the connection. The plug incorporates a unique locking system with mechanical and colour keying options. Some of the other product features are: lightweight, compact and easy to use (blind mating is also available), 5,000 mating cycles durability, operating temperature from -51°C (-60°F) to +125°C (+257°F) , contacts for solder and PCB terminations.

The ODU AMC easy-clean design was created using a unique spring loaded pin system that allows for an easy-wipe flat receptacle surface. This plug’s contacts can be easily and quickly cleaned even in the harshest environments. The connector solution benefits of a break-away function, watertight – protection class IP 68 and IP 69, three sizes, 7-19 positions, mechanical and colour keying.

The ODU AMC system solutions include also protective caps that ensure fast and trouble-free handling of the connectors, and of the overall system and also integrated cable assembly solutions and overmoulding. ODU offers also options for ‘hot plugging’ or hybrid insert configurations.

For additional product information go to www.odu.de.