ODU is expanding the portfolio for their ODU-MAC and now offers HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 modules in the standard portfolio. With a service life of at least 5,000 mating cycles, the specialist in electrical connector technology guarantees the rapid, reliable and loss-free transmission of signals and data.

"With a total of 30 different data technology variations, which include CAT 6 modules, our products excel in high-speed data rates as well," explains Bernhard Säckl, rectangular connector portfolio management ODU. "In doing so, we are making use of the synergy effects of our push-pull product family, and once again de¬monstrating our implementation expertise when it comes to the integration within the ODU-MAC product range."

In addition to the shielded implementation, ODU will supply, on demand, the interface cable providing a one-stop complete connector solution. The new modules, which are available as a ten-pin USB version and 16-pin HDMI version, meet the constantly growing requirements from the industrial sector.

"The trend towards higher data rates will continue," Bernhard Säckl states confidently. "Therefore, we constantly enhance the ODU-MAC portfolio so that we can continue providing perfect connectors in the future."

Further information about ODU and their ODU-MAC modular rectangular connector series, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary the upcoming year, can be found at www.odu.de