The ODU management is very satisfied with the course of electronica 2016. „Our products, especially the performance class ODU-MAC Blue-Line was very well accepted by fair visitors. We had many positive talks and were able to strengthen and extend our customer relations. Of course, we have noticed the steadily rising number of exhibitors from Asia, but we are fit to continue our excellent performance in international competition," says CEO Dr Joachim Belz .

„The electronica 2016 was a success for ODU. We presented our high quality product portfolio at our new trade fair booth und have impressed our clients and visitors with a clearly-defined and effective product and company presentation. The number of visitors excelled that of 2014", confirmed Thomas Irl, Sales Director Europe.

ODU, the specialist for electrical connector technology, has presented its newly refined ODU-MAC portfolio for the first time at electronica 2016. With its three different lines, the ODU-MAC portfolio’s new structure defines a clear position and makes it even easier for ODU customers to find customized solutions based on a modular system. The ODU-MAC is a modular all-rounder that can be configured in almost limitless variations and with either a metal or plastic housing. The result is one of the most modern modular interfaces on the market – highly adaptable, reliable, durable and compact, both for manual mating or automatic docking.

The latest member of the ODU-MAC product family: the ODU-MAC Blue-Line

ODU’s electronica 2016 highlight was the new hybrid manual mating solution, the ODU-MAC Blue-Line. This new product is easy to handle, efficient and flexible. It can be configured quickly and effectively even at the smallest construction space and is exceptionally user-friendly in its handling. The assembling and disassembling of the modules can be done without any tools or special knowledge. The crimp-clip contacts also ensure a simple dis¬as-sembling. Moreover, ODU is the first manufacturer to offer a standard plastic housing with ODU spindle locking. The wide variety of plastic and metal housings ensures maximum fle-xi¬bi¬lity for the user. Easy assembly, extremely high packing density with 2.4 mm/unit and a high level of modularity with at least 10,000 mating cycles define the new performance class for all transmission options – signals, power, high current, coax, compressed air, data and fiber-optics. For a simple transmission of signals the new performance class offers the pos-sibility of PCB termination. These qualities make the ODU-MAC Blue-Line a varied and efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

The ODU-MAC Silver-Line for automatic docking is characterized by a particularly high number of mating cycles, far beyond 100,000. It is a rugged, vibration-resistant hybrid inter-face particularly suited to industrial applications, with 30 high-speed modules as well as coaxial and optical transmission options.

The ODU-MAC White-Line for manual mating is available in three different locking varieties. It stands out thanks to its rugged design, excellent contact security and high packing density. Its application areas include MRI, testing equipment and interface cables for railway tech¬nology.

ODU circular connectors: reliable and full of possibilities

Whether metal or plastic, high-quality connectors from our standard portfolio or custom solutions for special applications: ODU’s circular connectors are reliable, resistant and easy to handle. At electronica 2016, ODU has also presented its extensive circular connector portfolio with its ODU MINI-SNAP, ODU MEDI-SNAP, ODU MINI-MED and ODU AMC series as well as its mini-connector series ODU AMC High-Density. The ODU AMC High-Density right angle connector is a consequent next step in miniaturization and this new development was presented for the very first time at ODU’s electronica 2016 booth. This version allows for extremely short designs as well as a high level of reliability in the processing of the cables.

From a single source and always in good hands: ODU, the system supplier

ODU provides complete solutions for most varied applications, and they all come from a single source – starting from the connector to the cable including the overmolding. In addition, the company provides consulting and supervision for its customers along the complete process, from requirement analyses to development, simulation and data testing at ODU’s in-house testing laboratory, from prototyping and assembly to technical documentation. Customers benefit from having one dedicated contact person who is able to address all their needs and questions and provide state-of-the-art technical advice.

ODU is currently expanding its cable assembly offer to include silicone overmolding. This tech¬nique appeals to new target groups and markets through its offer of special designs and aesthetics along with unusual electrical and thermal properties. The company has presented live the cable assembly testing process at electronica 2016 along with its many assembly solutions. As part of this process, a test device was used that enables testing of the assembly parameters ac¬cording to cutting-edge technology. On site and in real time, an ODU-MAC with high-speed mo¬dules was tested for required properties.

The eMobility growth market

eMobility is becoming ever more important and interesting, not just in the automotive and pri-vate transport sector, but also in local and regional public transport and commercial vehicles, ship¬ping and aviation. Whether connectors built into vehicles or special contacts used in char-ging plugs, whether high driving power or ultra-fast charging: ODU has the expertise to create and produce connector technology for the eMobility requirements of today and tomorrow. At electronica 2016, ODU has presented current and planned developments for this growth market. It has also demonstrated its active involvement in the specially developed area of "con¬tact expertise for the future of mobility". Well-known customers from the automotive sector have long been using ODU technology. The company continues to focus on application-spe¬cific custom developments, not just in eMobility, but in all its application areas – for perfect connections worldwide.

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