Thermal imaging specialist VECTED will be presenting an optimized version of its TC-640 thermal imager series at Enforce Tac from February 28 to March 1 in Nuremberg, Germany, which now features "visibly" improved image quality.

The reasons for this are to be found on both the hardware and software sides. The latest sensor technology with correspondingly refined thermal sensitivity (NETD) provides significantly higher input to the image processing pipeline. In combination with image processing that has been further developed specifically for this sensor generation, this results in a system NETD of less than 30 mK – the smaller the NETD value, the clearer and higher the contrast of the thermal image.

Lower power consumption enables longer operating time

In addition, the latest software version has succeeded in further reducing power consumption, resulting in a longer operating time. Thermal pre-calibration of sensor non-uniformity means that the instruments are ready for use immediately after power-up without further calibration. A mechanical shutter interrupting the view is thus not necessary. Further optimization of the software-based automatic correction of sensor non-uniformity has made it possible to significantly extend the intervals at which manual correction is necessary. This allows users to fully concentrate on observing their target.

Available from June 2023

The optimized TC-640 series of devices can be used without restriction as observation, front and targeting devices without the need for conversion or additional lenses. The thermal imaging devices will be available from June this year.

Selected technical data at a glance:

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In police work, thermal imaging devices are a valuable support, as they reliably detect heat sources of any kind both at night and during the day, even in difficult visibility and weather conditions.  ©VECTED GmbH

"See without being seen" is a military principle that can be fulfilled at long operational ranges with the 640 series thermal imagers thanks to their high display resolution, both day and night.  ©VECTED GmbH

​​​​​​About VECTED:

VECTED GmbH is one of the "hidden champions" in the thermal imaging market. Since 2005, the company has been active as a developer and supplier of highly specialized subcomponents and complete devices in the fields of thermal imaging technology and outdoor ballistics for a large number of well-known brands worldwide. As an OEM, VECTED has been able to produce and sell several thousand thermal imaging devices since 2005. As a result, the equipment has also been sold under its own name, primarily to government agencies, since 2019. The thermal imaging cameras, including electronics and image processing, are developed and produced by VECTED itself at the company's headquarters in Fürth, Germany, with a focus on the use of European key components. Thus the devices are not subject to ITAR.

Due to this high degree of in-house development, VECTED is able to react specifically and quickly to user requests and feedback and to enable customer-specific adaptations even for small quantities, for example a modified menu navigation, special false colors or customer-specific reticles.