Russia has started construction of naval facilities at an existing naval base on the shore of the Uliss Bay, near Vladivostok, to host Mistral-class helicopter carriers.

The Mistral-class helicopter carriers are currently under construction in France for the Russian Navy while the basic infrastructure is to be completed by October 2015.

RIA Novosti cites Russia Pacific Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Sergei Avakyants as saying the base will host the vessels by early 2018.

To accommodate a 1,600m-long berth, the naval base’s dockside will be extended to 2,700m, defence ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said.

"The ammunition-loading site will be drastically modernized, while access roads and railroads will be upgraded," Konashenkov added.
In June 2011, Russia signed a US$1.6 billion contract with France for two Mistral-class helicopter carriers.

The Russian Navy is scheduled to receive the first Mistral-class helicopter carrier, named Vladivostok, on 1 November 2014, the Defense Ministry said.

Sevastopol, the second Mistral-class warship for the Russian Navy will be floated out in October 2014 at the DCNS shipyard in Saint-Nazaire.

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