In May 2018, as part of the Norwegian Armed Forces logistic and support vehicle recapitalization program,Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft (FFG) won thetenderto manufactureand supply ACSV’s to the Norwegian Army. FFG proposed to base the ACSV around their current PMMC G5 vehicle

The ACSV is a 26mT tracked platform with the capacity to transport freightgoodscontainers weighing up to 6mT. Ithas container mounts toaccommodate both 6.5-and 10-feet freight containers and in conjunction with the increased durability and low maintenance attributes of CRT can enhancethe militaries battlefield logistical reach. The reduced vibrations enabled by the integration of CRTalsoaids in the protection of sensors and electronics located on other military equipment such as radars which mayalso be mounted the ACSV’sstable framed platform. Due to the ACSVs open and closed hull configurations, itcanbe adaptedin the closed configurationto housea command centre or ambulance. (Casualty evacuation)The ACSV can be adapted to a wide range of operations including domestic disaster relief and international peace support missions.