5D Robotics has signed a partnership agreement with DRS Technologies and Segway to develop robots that can carry some of the equipment load of US Army soldiers.

Under the US$2.2 million programme, robot platforms developed by Segway and DRS will be integrated with 5D’s Behavior Engine (BE) software to reduce human workload and training time while enabling easier interaction between humans and robots in all environmental conditions.

The US government and military officials are currently seeking ways to lighten the soldier’s gear loads and have more tasks completed by robots in the field, to prevent injuries and protect combatants.

5D vice president David Bruemmer said that 5D BE software enables robots to carry hundreds of pounds of gear, yet still remain agile in the complex terrain that soldiers often find themselves in.

"Our software relies on UWB tags which are faster, smoother and more reliable than relying on GPS to navigate in uncontrolled environments," Bruemmer added.

Installed with obstacle avoidance and follow-me capabilities, the 5D BE software features UWB tracking system to enable the robot to follow a human or another tagged vehicle.

This article was first published on the Strategic Defence Intelligence website. For more information, please click here.