2023 will be an exciting year for the SOUCY DEFENSE DIVISION. Following a busy 2022 marked by the return of in-person shows, Soucy Défense celebrated the new year with the release of its new and modern website!

www.soucy-defense.com went live this week and was designed with user experience in mind. Amongst the new features is an easy-to-navigate menu, plenty of content, videos of vehicles featuring Soucy’s track systems, and more. With this new website, users can visualize the full range of use of Soucy’s Composite Rubber Track systems.


The new website features a blog dedicated to land systems with a focus on tracked military vehicles. In addition, www.soucy-defense.com/blog/ will host news about Soucy Défense and our products. You’ll also find monthly articles written in partnership with specialized media groups such as Defense & Security Systems International (DSSI), MÖNCH Group and MITTLER Report Group as well as defense partners like Modest Tree. This series of monthly articles launches today!

Click here to read ‘What the onset of 'General Winter' means for vehicle operational capabilities in Ukraine’, written in partnership with DSSI.

More partnerships will be announced soon.


The Soucy Défense Division will attend many shows specialized in the defense sector. You can meet the Soucy Défense team at IAV 2023 in London, UK; at IDEX 2023 in Abu Dhabi, UAE; and of course, at DSEI 2023 in London, UK where the entire Soucy Defense team will be in attendance!

To meet our team or discuss media partnerships, please contact us!

Media and Blog Partners:

DSSI – https://www.defence-and-security.com/

Mönch Group – https://monch.com/publications/

Mittler Report Group – https://mittler-report.de/en/home-2/

Modest Tree – https://www.modesttree.com/

Media Contact:

Angeline Heckel-Elies
Soucy Defense Division
+1 (819) 474 4522 | Angeline.heckel-elies@soucy-group.com

About Composite Rubber Tracks

  • Increased durability over conventional steel tracks;
  • Reduced vibration (up to 70%), noise (up to 13dB), thermal signature, braking distance, vehicle weight (up to 50%) and fuel consumption (up to 30%);
  • Reduced vehicle crew fatigue;
  • Significant reduction in life cycle costs and virtually maintenance-free;
  • Elimination of damage to infrastructure.

About Soucy

Soucy has been established for 50 years and specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of CRT. Soucy supplies a variety of components and parts for major manufacturers of power sport, industrial, agricultural and Defense vehicles around the world. Since entering the Defense market 26 years ago, the demand for Soucy’s products has grown, and are now being utilised in 12 countries worldwide. Soucy’s expertise and knowledge of rubber track applications lie in compounding and track construction. The key elements in exceeding the specifications of traditional Steel Tracks and meeting customer requirements are the relationship between the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and rubber heat generation, this balance is critical in the design of CRT. www.soucy-defense.com