Decades of experience in the design and production of high-quality packaging solutions goes into ZARGES transportation solutions.

Unwanted mechanical vibrations, moisture, dust or electromagnetic interferences often occur during transport and other situations. These may have a negative effect on the functioning of electronic components, armour or other sensitive parts, and thus represent an increased safety risk. ZARGES cases have been designed to meet multiple MIL and AECTP specifications including MIL-STD-285 and MIL-STD 810. Its aluminium cases have been successfully used for ammunitions and firearms packaging, satellite protection and in-theatre communication systems. UN Certification for hazmat transport and storage is also available.

Mitraset 19in rackmount cases are the number one choice for transporting highly sensitive electronic equipment. Whether for military, aerospace or industrial applications, Mitraset 19in rackmount cases provide protection against moisture, impacts, vibrations and electromagnetic interference. With its Mitraset RRF (removable rack frame) and Mitraset Racklite products, ZARGES has genuine innovations to make handling even faster and simpler.

ZARGES cases have been successfully deployed in many applications, including land and air vehicles; mobile hospitals; emergency response units; hazardous material transport; and ground communications. Whether it is standard components that need to be securely packed or special highly-sensitive devices like rockets that must be stored in custom-made containers, ZARGES provides the best solution.