Built on a careful process of organic growth and acquisition, World Fuel Services is well adapted to the many diverse markets in which it operates. Its ability to deliver solutions in challenging environments is particularly noteworthy.

The company’s defence, government and global physical operations divisions provide ground, marine and aviation energy solutions – and a full range of complementary services – anywhere in the world. It notably provides turnkey refuelling and defuelling services for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft in accordance with all international standards, including ICAO, IATA and JIG.

Perfect for military operations

Through its subsidiary NCS Fuel, World Fuel Services is currently supporting the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) in supplying energy logistics services to Resolute Support Mission and previously supported the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

The company is perfectly adapted to challenging environments in support of military formations, operations and exercises, and peacekeeping and governmental activities. The experience it gained on the ground in Afghanistan has set the benchmark for contractor-deployed fuel operations, enabling militaries to deploy their valuable labour elsewhere.

A large proportion of World Fuel Services’ operational staff have a military fuel-logistics background, allowing direct leverage of their skills and expertise, where a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach ensures fuel and management experience needed for deployed operations and a familiarity with various difficult environmental conditions.

Careful management of the supply chain ensures that all fuel meets required quality standards and is always available, whenever and wherever it is needed. Any potential problems are identified and resolved early on, and secondary and tertiary sources of supply are ready should an insurmountable problem be encountered.

Fuel supply and storage

The difficulties around supplying fuel to challenging environments should not be underestimated. With more than 8,000 fully vetted and approved suppliers across the globe, World Fuel Services offers a reliable and secure source for all fuel types, as well as lubricants. All products meet the most stringent international fuel specifications, including the latest military standards.

World Fuel Services provides continuity of operations with a combination of leased, operated and/or owned storage facilities. The company can offer temporary (tank fabric collapsible) and permanent vertical or horizontal steel storage tanks, including design and build solutions.

Quality and technical services

Where necessary, World Fuel Services operates under the International Standards Organization (ISO) quality regime. Extensive quality control procedures are applied to business units as necessary and are embedded in a quality management system, which is accredited according to a number of ISO standards. An audited system of fuelquality management – including in-house fuel testing, A-level and independent testing – ensures that product quality is maintained as required by JIG, IATA, ASTM and other testing bodies.

Flexibility and accountability

Flexibility is the key to air power, or so they say in NATO. To maintain the maximum strategic flexibility, all staff are trained in accordance with international standards and World Fuel Services’ overall business model is designed for scalable solutions. This enables the company’s highly skilled fuel professionals and logistics experts to mobilise additional delivery points and custom supply methods in a fast and controlled manner – a critical success factor when unforeseen events become reality.

World Fuel Services’ quality system and performance is second to none, and clients can expect this same level of dedication to health, safety, security and environment (HSSE). Ensuring that the natural environment is as pristine on the day the company leaves as it was on the day that it arrived is its mantra. Maintaining the integrity of the natural and built environment is the responsibility of every one of its staff. The company is committed to ensuring that operations do not cause any damage whatsoever.

World Fuel Services brings a unique set of skills, tailored to meet the challenges of each individual environment. It has the right people for the job, and adheres to rigorous quality and HSSE standards to ensure that the capabilities its clients need are delivered safely, securely and to their required standard at the right time and place.