Vitavox recently showcased its fully qualified Outacom armoured vehicle public address system at the world Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in London. Outacom is being fitted to all of the new British Army AJAX strikeforce vehicles, which are currently in production. This uses a game-changing application of rugged loudspeaker technology and enables forces to communicate with the civilian population around the vehicles up to 300m away. This is the first time that enclosed-armoured vehicles have been able to communicate to civilians without putting army personnel at immediate risk. When combined with the external microphones that are installed on an AJAX, a two -way conversation is possible, as is the ability to remain safe and behind cover.

Outacom can be a stand-alone system or integrated into a vehicle’s communication harness, where it can be retrofitted to an existing vehicle easily. In addition to live-voice communication, tones and prerecorded announcements can also be broadcast, enabling personnel to remain focused on their objective.

The naval Main Broadcast System launch

The Vitavox Main Broadcast System is now available to global naval forces, and was also unveiled at DSEI. This fully integrated communications solution has been developed in-house, drawing on the company’s long history of supplying and supporting the Royal Navy. This collaboration has also identified key areas where existing systems could be updated.

The Main Broadcast System has the critical functionality that naval vessels require and combines all the necessary components together in a focused, unified solution that is suitable for a wide variety of platforms. It can be configured for numerous customer requirements, such as broadcasting to multiple zones. The system includes microphone stations, internal noise cancelling and external rugged microphones that are all inclusive of preamps, which are necessary for clear communication over long distances. Also included are 5-30W internal and external loudspeakers, and submarine bridge loudspeakers, which are external to the submarine pressure hull. Main broadcast amplifiers power and connect the system, together with an auto changeover feature and a main broadcast interface unit that includes alarms.

Emergency handsets are integral to the microphone station to mitigate the event of central system disruption. There are also magnetic loop and UHF headsets, plus transmitters to cover noisy locations. The system’s uninterruptible power supply is another feature, along with its optional radio receiver and CD player.

Development for end users and the primes

Over the years, Vitavox has developed many successfully engineered solutions based on sound, including loudspeakers, microphones, headsets, intercom systems and other sound-reproducing equipment. These products are designed to fit specific operational and functional requirements, ensuring they perform well in the most hazardous of environments. Vitavox facilitates many primes with military-quality sound equipment by using a collaborative and bespoke approach.

The Ministry of Defence is another major client of Vitavox that uses the company for providing its Foxhound armoured vehicles with internal loudspeakers. Vitavox also supplies equipment for Royal Navy Frigates and Astute Class Submarines, in addition to providing all the loudspeakers and microphones that will be used for main broadcasts on the new Royal Navy Successor submarine programme.