TECHWAN is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art command and control systems for operational and crisis management. At the product’s core lies TECHWAN’s incident management system which is complemented with a series of modules including: Event planning, Mass mobilisation, Mobile solutions and a series of user dashboards. This modularity combined with the most up to date technology places TECHWAN in a unique position to meet growing client expectations and to capture a market that is rapidly evolving.

The richness of SAGA’s architecture combined with the use of latest technologies, is what has allowed TECHWAN to meet growing customer demands. TECHWAN products are consistent with current market trends, outperforming competitors on several customer requirements, such as:

  • A richness of architecture with plurality of choices, with supported operating systems including Windows Server, Linux and Mac OS X and both SQL and PostgreSQL databases. Applications can be installed on dedicated servers or in public and private clouds.
  • A strong integration of external systems; Audio communication and video interfaces are fully integrated allowing automation of a maximum of processes.
  • Geographic information services are integrated with support of most market suppliers. Datamining, both internal and external, is available to help decision making.
  • Modularity and scalability of the solution with a common core and the ability to deploy and scale to 1000s of workstations without interruption of service.
  • Option to provide the solution and services in SaaS mode, with 24/7 customer support around the globe, through all phases of deployment and operation.
  • An uncompromising reliability through the implementation of a redundant and replicated architecture, allowing the failure of any component without disruption of use.

The flexibility of the SAGA ecosystem allows TECHWAN to continuously meet the needs expressed by the market, without having to redevelop a solution that corresponds to the specificity of a tender. To date, TECHWAN is currently the only company offering an architecture that can be deployed on either a Microsoft software framework or a Linux framework, thereby allowing customers to choose the implementation that best suits their technological requirements.

It is all these advantages combined that led the French Nationale Gendarmerie to choose SAGA for their Command & Control. This makes it the largest centralized solution in the world with more than 6,000 fixed workstations and 75,000 mobile workstations, all individually notified.

The French National Police also chose SAGA Command & Control to manage its emergency calls and interventions. They also operate SAGA Crisis for their national crisis centre and have recently acquired an intermediate SAGA module for managing major events and law enforcement.

In addition to the French Public Security, SAGA is used by many police, fire, ambulance, army, border guards and private clients.

There is a SAGA solution for every department and every company.