The new TACTIC family vehicle is a further development of the successful T810 model, the TATRA medium-class, all-wheel-drive, off-road logistic truck designed to carry different superstructures up to 5.7t of total load. More than 600 T810 trucks are in service in the Czech Army and are proven in various military missions.

The overall layout of the TACTIC family keeps the advanced design of the previous T810 model – maintaining the gross vehicle weight above the borderline of medium and heavy truck classes (N2/N3) – and includes a conventional ladder-type C-section frame chassis and portal beam axles with high ground clearance.

The TACTIC family design focuses on vehicle versatility, powertrain modularity, low life-cycle costs and the ability to cope with rugged operational conditions. Thus, TACTIC trucks can be in 6×6 and 4×4 driving configurations, powered by a worldwide spread Cummins engine in driveline combination, with either manually operated ZF transmission or fully automatic Allison transmission with torque convertor.

The front TATRA steer-drive portal hub-reduction axle is sprung by a combination of coil springs and telescopic shock-absorbers. The rear TATRA drive portal hub-reduction axles are sprung by leaf springs. The 6t capacity axles at the front and 7t axles at the rear provide enough margin for uneven off-road operations.

Single tactical wheels with disc brakes and a central tyre inflation system operating on the fly are standard features. The cab has a straight shape, allowing it to be easy maintained, armoured and able to accept an MG weapon mount in the manhole. It is equipped by an over-pressurised NBC kit, HVAC, independent heater and four seats for the crew, including the driver. There is also high commonality with the FORCE family cab.

TACTIC vehicles are designed to transport loose bulk material, fixed cargo, shelters and standard containers as well as troops. They can tow 10t trailers on both paved and unpaved roads, as well as in difficult off-road conditions.

TACTIC vehicles, fully loaded, can drive 100km/h, climb 100% slopes, pass over 900mm ditches and/or 470mm cubes, and cross 1.2m fords.