Stäubli, a market-leading company, continually pushes for innovation, addressing current and future needs for advanced connection solutions.

Developing and delivering high-performance solutions tailored to specific business requirements, as well as understanding and anticipating the trends shaping each branch of industry, is the strategy pursued by Stäubli, as global leader in advanced connection solutions for all applications: fluid, gas and electrical.

The propulsion, power and control systems of long-haul aircraft carrying hundreds of passengers, submarines under water or land vehicles on missions do not tolerate the slightest failure. There are numerous fluid and electrical connections in the civil aviation and defense fields for refuelling, breathing air supply, hydraulic circuits and cooling electronic equipment such as converters, rectifiers, batteries, etc.

Each connection is a vital link, essential for the neat operation and subject to extreme conditions of use e.g. high differences in temperature, shock and vibrations. Stäubli has been working in partnership with the aerospace and military industries on major international projects for over 40 years. It is recognised for its expertise and ability to supply connection solutions that perfectly meet the specific requirements of these two sectors.

Limitless expertise – advanced connection solutions

Stäubli develops quick connection solutions that are ideal for extreme operating conditions at sea, on land and in the air. With broad and profound expertise in the most specific applications, Stäubli offers an unlimited response to its customer’s requirements.

The experts in our research & development teams offer thorough support in designing solutions that will meet the requirements of your application in every respect and guarantee compatibility with your existing equipment.

Our production, metrology and metallurgy departments utilise the latest technology to assure the best quality of our products and to provide full traceability. A method certified by the most stringent standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • AQAP 2110
  • ISO TS 16949.

Flexible modular connector systems for customised solutions

Stäubli’s CombiTac provides versatile connections that can be customised for any specific customer applications. Due to its modularity, CombiTac offers connection modules for power, signal, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre-optic, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas and bus connections in a compact frame or housing.

Our products use advanced MULTILAM contact technology

Multilams are specially formed, resilient strips of copper alloy that are float-mounted in a groove. These strips can be gold or silver-plated according to their intended application. Their spring action has a self-cleaning effect on the contact surfaces and maintains a constant contact pressure.

Stäubli’s Multilam technology allows us to meet a wide range of requirements and find solutions for the most challenging constraints such as electrical, from watts to megawatts, thermal up to 400°C, and mechanical, with contact durability of up to one million mating cycles. Stäubli is specialised in the design and manufacturing of dynamic rotary and linear sliding contacts with high resistance to shock and vibration.