Spectra Group (UK) is a leading international provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications, in locations with limited or compromised infrastructure.

Using Inmarsat satellite services for small, lightweight, very portable applications and VSAT in relatively static, higher bandwidth applications, the service is supported by a 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). The NOC provides monitoring, helpdesk support and fault resolution to deployed assets, delivering secure and reliable voice and data telecommunications.

C4I, Hostile Area Comms Environment and Information Systems Security

Spectra specialises in three areas:

  • Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Command & Control Comms On The Move (COTM)
  • Rapidly deployable communications environments for hostile environments
  • Designing, delivering and supporting secure information systems.

SlingShot® – Command & Control Communications

For Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS), Command and Control, Comms on The Move (COTM), SlingShot® is a lightweight unit that converts existing tactical radios to L-Band SATCOM, offering a straightforward and cost-effective way to achieve tactical, secure communications for in-service UHF and VHF tactical radios.

By using Inmarsat’s L-TAC global constellation of geostationary satellites, Slingshot removes the need to rely on limited Military TacSat bandwidths for secure communications, while creating a BLOS communications network that extends to hundreds and, potentially, thousands of miles.

SlingShot® – BLOS amd COTM

Where land or aircraft repeaters are not a viable option, satellite communications (SATCOM) is unsurpassed in creating a BLOS network. SlingShot’s small and discreet omnidirectional antenna, coupled with the power of the L-TAC service, provides genuine COTM, removing the need to pause and orientate to the satellite. Already deployed across six continents by special, regular and border forces, SlingShot is the most flexible and cost-effective way to achieve a guaranteed and secure voice and data networks for command, control and tactical comms over any distance.

With systems for the dismounted soldier and land, sea and air vehicles, SlingShot creates a secure L-Band PTT net over tactical, theatre and even strategic distances delivering "a battle-winning capability".

SHADE™ – Spectra Hostile Area Deployment Environment

SHADE enables rapid deployment and delivery of secure voice and data services across any available bearer and is perfect for small teams requiring 24/7 availability, plug and play set-up and remote management. The SHADE Central Network guarantees high levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability of services and, once deployed, a 24/7 NOC ensures quality of service (QoS) levels are maintained.

Information Systems – static, deployable, secure

Spectra has extensive experience in delivering and supporting information systems in both static and deployed locations. Confidentiality of information in all security scenarios is paramount in the design of every network, often deployed in hostile environments and requiring connectivity to a static HQ and other deployed locations. Integrity of the data over its entire life cycle is vital and the ongoing availability of that data ensures the user experience is fully maintained and secure.

Spectra Group – delivering secure communications in hostile environments

Spectra Group leads in the field of communications in hostile environments. There are a plethora of satellite options and bearers to choose from and choosing the right partner to deliver to your requirements is essential. The wide combination of voice, data and bandwidth availability, coupled with a multitude of satellite airtime pricing packages, can make getting the right solution seem like a minefield. Spectra Group removes the guess work by putting our expertise to work, in understanding your requirements, and putting together the right package to meet them.

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