Sopheon partners with customers to provide complete Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) solutions including software, expertise, and best practices. We have operating bases in the United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Germany, with distribution, implementation and support channels worldwide. Sopheon (LSE: SPE) is listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange.

Why aerospace & defense innovation?

The acceleration of technological development continues to profoundly change the nature of warfare. To keep up with the competition and meet today’s threats, aerospace and defense (A&D) organisations are focusing on innovation.

With commercial investments in R&D now outpacing those of governments, innovation cycles are shorter and there is more international competition for technology and innovation.

How to build an effective defense innovation ecosystem?

Success depends on building an effective A&D innovation ecosystem that includes collaboration between government and industry and within tiers of industry across the full range of innovation activities – from planning and ideation to design and manufacturing to operations.

1. Partner with industry for rapid return on investment

Successful defense organisations are collaborating with non-traditional, industry specialist providers to exploit commercial and defense technologies.

By complementing internal capabilities with rich sources of external expertise, they are effectively creating innovation ecosystem while managing risk and security.

2. Align with national defense capability

R&D investments must fit with future strategic plans.

Accolade provides visibility into R&D programs to better understand how technologies, products and capabilities are linked. Exploring these capabilities and future plans helps to identify gaps, stimulate innovation, understand strengths and weaknesses, and identify potential differentiators in the export market.

Meet Sopheon’s Accolade!

Accolade enterprise innovation management software is a secure vehicle for open innovation ecosystems to encourage collaboration and engagement within defense value chains to deliver competitive advantage.

Accolade helps you:

  • Digitalise national defense initiative management by connecting defense agencies and key industry partners as well as improving your rate of successful strategy execution.
  • Gain visibility by seeing both government and industry innovation capabilities and identifying how technologies, products and capabilities are linked.
  • Make better decisions and act with speed by establishing processes and networks to maximize efficiency, shortening development cycles, breaking down silos and enabling collaboration among cross-functional teams. Not to forget connecting strategic initiatives with operational activities.
  • Invest in the right initiatives by pinpointing low-risk products and technologies with the highest commercialisation potential and optimising portfolios with the smartest combination of products and projects.
  • Look to the future by generating a portfolio of capability development plans, ensuring that short- and long-term product development activities are aligned with strategic and financial priorities as well as anticipating and planning for market and technology developments.