Today, SKB is known around the world as the leading innovator and manufacturer of the finest military/industrial equipment cases.

For 40 years, the company has been the most durable and reliable transport choice for delicate instruments. SKB distributes and produces the most indestructible and versatile plastic cases, aluminum boxes and racks.

SKB industrial cases, shipping cases, waterproof cases, MIL-STD cases and racks are unsurpassed in quality. Trust your valuable cargo to the world’s most recognised and respected transport manufacturer.

Over the past two decades the SKB Military Division has provided transport solutions for a seemingly endless list of specific applications including:

  • military hardware
  • law enforcement firearms and equipment
  • medical tools and samples
  • computer server systems
  • field communications
  • waterproof and shockproof cell and satellite phone transport
  • plasma and LCD monitor transport.

A large range of our products fulfill all military requirements and certifications.

SKB also offers tailor-made solutions. All Defender aluminum boxes and SKB products can be delivered with a custom-made interior. In this case, the Defender and SKB products not only offer excellent protection on the outside, but on the inside as well.

iSeries: injection-moulded watertight cases

Injection moulding is SKB’s latest venture in our quest to provide the most innovative hard shell case products. Made with extreme pressure, even the smallest injection-moulded part requires a very large and heavy mould. SKB has moulds that weigh almost 30,000lb (13,607kg). Many of the parts, such as the patented trigger latches, are produced by the injection mould process. SKB iSeries cases include a gasket that makes the case watertight and dust proof. Never before has an ATA flight case been so lightweight, yet so advanced.


  • lighter, stronger and better: impact-lab-tested and shown to be over 2.5 times stronger than other brands.
  • watertight and dustproof
    Meets standards:
    STANAG 4280
    DEF-STAN 81-41
    ATA 300
  • lifetime warranty
    SKB brand hard shell cases are fully warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the case to the original owner.