Sat-Com’s Leopard I is a compact and rugged yet lightweight software-defined multiband radio that offers uncompromised communication for tactical missions. By providing seamless operation across the HF, VHF and UHF bands, together with its integrated antenna tuner, GPS receiver, speaker and microphone, radio operation doesn’t get more flexible.

Advanced features such as automatic link establishment, frequency hopping and one-time-pad (OTP) encryption give the user a secure and reliable communication channel. The radio is suitable for portable, mobile and base station applications and is available in 30-125W configurations.

Robust and reliable voice and data communication

The radio covers a continuous 1.6-512MHz spectrum, thus outperforming conventional systems. The receiver automatically processes and distinguishes between voice and data communication, and the optional modem caters for automatic repeat requests to ensure error-free transmission. The device also includes waveforms that conform to NATO and US military standards, allowing interoperability with other systems.

Antenna tuning

The radio comes with a built-in antenna tuner that automatically matches the antenna to the operating frequency. Initial tuning takes four seconds and only 100ms when tuned from the stored profile. The antenna port’s high-performing filters ensure high-level harmonic suppression and adjacent channel rejection, resulting in superior selectivity. The output and input stages of the transceiver are fully protected against antenna mismatches, unexpected loads and high RF inputs.


The end-to-end encryption is integrated in the standard configuration, providing high-grade security for data and voice. Optional multiple independent levels of security are available to users, including frequency hopping (up to 600 hops a second) and OTP encryption.

Specialised accessories

Rucksacks, antennas, handsets, headsets, external speakers, mounting brackets, high-powered amplifiers, rugged tablets and laptops, and high-capacity batteries and chargers are available.

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