When governments and manufacturers of defence and security systems enlist the services of Ruslan International, it is most often because they are facing an extremely time-sensitive
and complex logistics challenge: they need a reliable partner with the ability to provide an on-time solution, potentially in one of the most remote regions of the world.

As providers of air logistics services go, Ruslan International’s solutions extend beyond the capability of any other airline. At the core of its capability is the world’s largest series-produced freighter aircraft, the giant Antonov AN-124-100. Designed for military use and now the leading solution for the transportation of unique, out-sized and heavy-weight cargo across the globe,
it is an aircraft with unique capabilities.
It was the high level of global demand for the AN-124 freighter that, in 2006, saw Antonov Airlines and Volga-Dnepr Airlines – the world’s largest operators of the aircraft – combine their AN-124 resources under the Ruslan International name. By consolidating a 17-strong fleet of AN-124s, and combining their respective skills and experience of operating the aircraft, the highly successful joint venture has ensured a higher level of aircraft availability for customers around the world, and cemented the AN-124’s position in the defence, security, aerospace, oil and gas, and energy supply chains of defence and commercial customers worldwide.

All eventualities covered
It is the combination of the AN-124’s operating capabilities that make it unique and such a valuable asset to logistics chains around the world. The aircraft offers a maximum payload of 120,000kg and a cargo cabin measuring 36.5×6.4×4.4m with 750m³ of usable volume. With a full payload, the AN-124 has an operating range of 4,650km.
Not surprisingly for an aircraft originally built with defence in mind, it is designed for all eventualities. It offers nose
and rear loading, and is able to adopt a ‘kneeling’ position to simplify the loading and offloading of large, heavy shipments. The AN-124 is equipped with extendable ramps at its nose and rear loading doors to enable cargo to be driven into and out of either end. It has an on-board crane with four electric hoists providing a total carrying capacity of 30t. For single pieces up to 100t, a special loading ramp can be used. This
is a highly self-sufficient cargo aircraft.
Similarly, the AN-124 is designed to be as at home landing at the world’s major international airports as it is operating on remote, unpaved runways. Since the start of its commercial life, the aircraft has touched down in more than 190 countries.
The capability of the aircraft is maximised by Ruslan International’s experienced team, which provides
creative solutions to complex cargo types and operational requirements. This includes 3D CAD design, stress analysis and fabrication of frames to enable loading of challenging
out-sized pieces. Study and advice on AN-124 operations on remote runways means the customer is advised of realistic options from the outset. All this means that cargo that might once have taken weeks to arrive by sea and road transport can now be delivered with a transit time of hours.

Leave nothing to chance
At every point, Ruslan International’s focus is on providing the best solution to every customer request, and to think outside the box to save customers time and money. The transportation of helicopters is a good example. Ruslan International’s team has devised loading plans for the carriage of a large range
of helicopters, minimising the dismantling necessary before loading into the AN-124’s cargo hold. This not only simplifies the process for the customer and saves time ahead of departure but more importantly, it also means helicopters
are available faster to fulfil their intended operational use on arrival at their destination.
Virtual-technology loading systems are also regularly
used for particularly large or heavy cargo in order to plan the loading and unloading in minute detail, and to ensure there are no unforeseen surprises on the day of the actual flight – Ruslan International leaves nothing to chance.
Whether it is carrying reconstruction equipment to post-war Iraq, heavy machinery to the heart of Afghanistan, MRAP vehicles for peacekeeping forces, Abrams or Challenger tanks, Warrior APCs, all-terrain vehicles, helicopters, or supplies of accommodation units, power systems, medical and rescue equipment, Ruslan International has earned a global reputation with customers in the defence and security industries as a reliable and trusted partner, whatever the location or local conditions.