RuggedCom is a leading provider of rugged communications networking solutions designed for mission-critical applications in harsh environments. Our robust technology solutions include Ethernet switches, network routers, wireless devices, serial servers, media converters, software (proprietary embedded software and application software) and professional services. RuggedCom products are designed for use in harsh environments such as those found in electrical power substations, oil refineries, military applications, roadside traffic control cabinets and metals and minerals processing. RuggedCom is well positioned to capitalize on emerging trends within the rugged communications industry, including the growing worldwide demand for IP-based communications networks suitable for harsh environments and the global initiative to integrate communications networks with electric power grids, known as ”Smart Grids”.

Our solutions facilitate the extension of Internet Protocol ("IP") based communications networks from benign office environments to harsh non-office environments. IP-based communications networks are faster, more flexible and offer greater functionality than the legacy, serial, low-speed communications systems currently used in most harsh environments. The extension of IP-based communications networks enables the seamless flow of information between an enterprise’s non-office environment and its office environment. Moreover, the implementation of a common networking technology and infrastructure across an entire enterprise improves overall efficiency, increases the ability to monitor and secure operational assets and reduces costs associated with installation, integration, maintenance, parts and training.