The international technology company RUAG Defence specialises in customised cyber security solutions appropriate for today’s current threat level. As leading independent integrator, upgrader and maintenance company for security systems, the company provides the latest technologies with solid expertise. The company’s own product portfolio includes unique subsystems and components for national and international customers; thus, the name RUAG Defence stands for the highest standard in technological competence.

The renowned technology company RUAG Defence specialises in the field of cyber security to provide customised, individual security solutions appropriate to today’s current threat level – with innovative IT consulting and training solutions, the company empowers the relevant specialists from governments, SMEs and corporations. As an independent company with a stable and neutral owner (the Swiss Confederation), plus having many years’ experience in the field of security and defence combined with unique know-how within the cyber security sector, RUAG was predestined for this.

RUAG Defence and Clearswift complement each other perfectly

At the start of 2017, RUAG Defence acquired the British cyber specialist "Clearswift." Clearswift has been a major player in the cyber market for more than 20 years and has over 2,000 customers worldwide. With the acquisition, RUAG has expanded its existing cyber security portfolio in the product area in a targeted manner and offers effective solutions for the prevention of cyber-attacks.

When it comes to protecting company-critical information, it is well known to protect the company as a whole – regardless of the risks involved. In this respect, RUAG Defence and Clearswift solutions complement one another optimally within the realm of network monitoring, as well as information flow and access control – since they work on different technical and logical levels – to counteract external threats caused by hackers, cybercriminals and insider attacks.

The combination of these two approaches enables creation of the next generation of detection and defence solutions to effectively protect ICT infrastructures of government organisations and enterprises in the future.

For RUAG Defence customers, the acquisition brings significant advantages, especially since they now have an even wider range of products and services that are constantly being further developed. They also benefit from newly developed and marketable solutions.

The acquisition is therefore a decisive step in making RUAG Defence a world-renowned and trusted supplier of first-class cyber security products and services.

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