ROTZLER – synonymous for groundbreaking winch technology
For 100 years, ROTZLER has stood for groundbreaking hoisting and pulling winch technology that customers can rely on even under the most difficult conditions. To keep this promise, our developers and engineers test the reliability of our products, in our unique test center in Steinen, Germany. Operators from around the world rely on ROTZLER’s winches and individual system solutions when dependability is crucial, whether for recovery and rescue services, the construction industry, defense technology, the marine industry, or drilling equipment.

Leader in innovation: our mission for over 100 years
In 1919, Ernst Rotzler started a smithy in Steinen that shod horses and repaired agricultural machinery. From the very start, our company founder listened closely to his clients – and developed to meet their requirements. He optimized their hay elevators and manure cranes and shifted his focus to developing and manufacturing reliable rope winch technology. Our motivation comes from the desire to optimally satisfy customer needs, and that continues to be the inspiration for our leading technology.

Winches and system solutions
Today, ROTZLER is a leader in hydraulic winches and system solutions for mobile applications. As an independent, owner-managed company, we stand for the values that are typical of the small business sector. Customer care, reliability, trustworthiness, and an innovative spirit.

Defense Technology
Winches and system solutions from ROTZLER are used in a wide variety of defense vehicle systems. In addition to highly mobile truck systems, heavy-duty transporters, recovery / tow trucks and armored wheeled and tracked vehicles are to be mentioned here. Important factors when selecting the proper winch system for the corresponding carrier vehicle are performance, flexibility, safety, weight, and the optimal use of the space available in the vehicle.

Of paramount importance when selecting the ideal winch system is the task of the vehicle. In case of highly mobile logistics vehicles, this is (almost) exclusively self-recovery, if the vehicle has become stuck. In case of recovery / tow trucks, it is the recovery of vehicles that have broken down. In some cases, several winches are used at the same time. For heavy-duty transporters or armored engineering vehicles the task is more complex. This also increases the requirements for the winch system.

All these requests are the basis of any solution we develop in close cooperation with our customers. The target is always a system that uncompromisingly fulfills the tasks at hand. With our experience, system expertise and motivation, we always strive for the perfect solution. This is how we ensure our systems to fit into the overall concept of the vehicle. And stand its man in action. No ifs and buts. That’s what counts.