The Ravenswood Solutions team is proud to offer a state-of-the-art, real-time situational awareness instrumentation system that is tailored for training, testing and performance assessment requirements. Our system tracks players and vehicles with unrivalled fidelity, providing time-synchronized and geo-referenced data to your team. Our mobile technologies and deployable field teams are standing by to support your operations wherever they may be.

We believe that by providing a turn-key logistics and technology package, we allow operators to focus on the mission at hand, optimise resources and exploit opportunities. We assure all events occur on time, as planned, and are fully-resourced.

The Ravenswood Solutions instrumentation system is self-sufficient, operating independently from user facilities, power, fuel, and networks and supporting up to 3,000 personnel. Our field-proven software suite, ORION, is best-in-class for live synthetic distributed interactive simulation.

For training applications, we have converted urban areas and barren terrain as large as 60km x 80km into ultra-realistic simulation environments that subject operators to the sights and sounds of natural disaster, homeland defence, or combat scenarios. Each is tailored to unique training, testing or performance assessment objectives. Finally, our After-Action-Reviews, complete with video, audio and GPS-synchronized playback, have been hailed by users as an invaluable and irreplaceable learning and assessment tool.