Stabilisers are getting a lot of attention today. Effective stabilisation is no longer considered a luxury, but more of a necessity in order to fulfill the requirements and demands of running a ship, while protecting the safety and security of those on-board.

Quantum offers several different patented solutions, with the XT Fin being the most popular system to date and the MAGLift Rotor offering a compact, retractable, zero and under way solution. How does the XT system work? In short, the main stabiliser fin has another fin or foil tucked inside, which, when extended, adds 30% more stabilising area in order to maximise Zero Speed performance.

When the boat moves, the extended foil retracts inside the body of the fin, which minimises the drag for efficiency under way. A regular Quantum fin can be retrofitted to an XT through a conversion process; often, no structural modifications are required. The product has been perfected over a ten-year period.

The MAGLift is gaining popularity for military applications. The spinning rotor is based on the ‘Magnus Effect’, whereby the combined swinging and spinning of the rotor results in producing hydrodynamic forces that stabilise the vessel while at zero speed. For optimal under way performance, the rotor is deployed to a set position and the righting force direction is altered simply by changing the direction of the rotor spin. The MAGLift has the highest lift-toweight characteristics and the smallest interior footprint, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and making MAGLift an excellent solution for ice class vessels. This product has been refined over 14 years and installed in vessels ranging 24-160m.