Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP is the only producer of high quality mobile robots for counter-terrorism use in Poland. PIAP’s robots are by far the most widely used in Polish services responsible for security and defense, but they are also proving very popular among international users. So far, they have been deployed to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and Belarus.

The history of Polish pyrotechnical robots begun in 1999, when a prototype of the INSPECTOR robot was designed. From the very beginning, police pyrotechnicians were taking part in this project and giving their opinions as future users of the robots. Close cooperation between the producer and users is an ongoing practice in PIAP. As a result, PIAP’s construction engineers were the first to introduce a graphic interpretation of the manipulator arm’s position, thus outdistancing competitive companies.

Since 2000, PIAP has been a permanent supplier of mobile robots and robotic devices for special forces (Police, Army, Border Guard, Government Protection Bureau). End users’ positive opinions about the products and their precious advice encouraged PIAP’s construction engineers to carry on investigations and implement further projects.

Next machines created in PIAP’s laboratories were: EXPERT, PIAP SCOUT, TRM® and IBIS robots as well as EXPLORER device. This is a family of highly technologically advanced products, constructed especially for counter-terrorist missions in all environments and for a wide range of tasks.

A growing terrorism threat and development of advanced terroristic techniques increased the demand for equipment supporting special forces’ missions. To meet these requirements, PIAP’s engineers constantly work on new intelligent devices and accessories which assist military and police officers in various difficult missions.