Omnetics Connector Corporation is a leading global provider of precision and high-reliability electronic connectors and interconnect systems. For more than 30 years, we have engineered an extensive portfolio of innovative products, with a special focus on micro-miniature and nano-miniature interconnects. With over 300 direct employees, all products are built in the Minnesota factory in compliance with ISO 9001 offering QPL products to MIL-DTL-83513 and MIL-DTL-32139 and are ITAR registered. 

Our connectors are among the smallest on the market and deliver exceptional performance in challenging work environments. As interconnect technologies continue to evolve, we design next-generation products that help bring transformative ideas to life. 

Our connectors are highly sought after by designers working in the military, aviation, aerospace, medical and other leading-edge industries. We are also leaders in high-mobility interconnects for applications in robotics, surveillance systems and  orbital satellite technology.  

Omnetics understands the rigorous operating conditions mission-critical applications endure and our solutions include EMI shielding, IP sealing, polarization, rugged materials, and other elements that ensure connectivity under pressure. We maintain a large inventory of COTs products. 

Our high-reliability portfolio 

Omnetics’ range of nano, micro and hybrid connectors are ideal for defence programmes, where factors such as size, weight, signal integrity and reliability are thoroughly considered. We provide a variety of reduced size and weight interconnection systems:

  • Micro and Nano strip connectors
  • Micro and Nano circular connectors
  • Bi-Lobe ® / Nano-D
  • Polarized Nano connectors
  • Squeeze-latching Nano-D and Micro-D connectors
  • MIL-DTL-32139 Nano-D connectors
  • MIL-DTL-83513 Micro-D connectors
  • Hybrid connector configurations
  • Cable assemblies
  • Wire harnesses

The Flex Pin Design

Omnetics’ groundbreaking Flex Pin contact design pre-dates the advent of the MIL-DTL-32139 nano-miniature specification and today all MIL-DTL-83513 and MIL-DTL-32139 sockets mate properly with the Flex Pin. The one-piece unit is stamped from ASTM B194 beryllium copper (BeCu) to deliver high conductivity, low interference, and high resiliency. Its excellent spring properties enable it to withstand shock, vibration, and other rugged conditions and it easily passes military specification requirements. Flex Pin contacts are plated with 50 micro-inches (1.27µin) of gold over 50 micro-inches (1.27µin) of nickel and are rated at 1 amp each for Nano connectors and 3 amps each for Micro connectors. All pins are plated post-forming verify a non-porous surface. Each one is inspected by our quality assurance experts to guarantee perfection and performance.

Our expertise in ruggedized miniature connectors for military applications

Modern soldier electronic systems are being developed and deployed at a tremendous rate. Key parameters include short run interconnections, high portability, small size, low weight, rugged performance and higher speed electronics. Combining all of those parameters within one operating interconnection unit takes a lot of engineering, which is where Omnetics comes in.

Quick and efficient engineering is completed to meet the objective of the application needed for the mission. Often times, system designers consider ruggedized connectors currently available, and when existing products don’t meet their application requirements, must consider modified connector designs. They may be needed to meet the challenge of their new products and how they are used. Omnetics assists by not only offering samples of the standard connectors for evaluation, but will have a “solid model” design team leader work directly with you to modify the interconnect design to meet your requirements.

New connector formats evolve and the changes can be reviewed with those involved directly in the electronics they will be used with. Omnetics begins by using proven connector components from existing QPL certified and military tested connectors. Omnetics connectors employ a BeCu (beryllium copper) spring pin to socket system in their rugged interconnects proven to exceed the shock and vibration testing in Mil. Spec 83513 and 32139. A new connector can be formatted quickly for early field testing with assurance it will perform well in the battlefield arena.

When designing Micro and Nano sized cable and connector systems used in advanced systems, consider Omnetics. Our advanced design group works directly with your engineers and forwards early designs to our fast-turn product development group. Early samples give the system designer a big advantage in formatting and modeling our next generation soldier electronics package.


We take great pride in the products we build for you. Our design team works closely with customers to create new and custom interconnect solutions for tomorrow’s innovative products. Our connectors are designed, produced, and tested by hand at our plant in the United States, which features in-house automatic machining and over-moulding equipment. Omnetics is a privately held company and we exist to advance innovation wherever it is needed next.