ODU is a supplier of connector systems that employs 1,650 people around the world. With headquarters in Germany, the company has an international production and distribution network in Europe, North America and Asia. ODU connectors ensure reliable transmission of power, signal, data and media in demanding applications such as medical technology, military and security, energy, industrial electronics, measurement and testing and automotive technology.


There have been many new developments in products and applications on the military market in the past two years, and just as many changes. However, the requirements and requests of manufacturers and users have remained the same: weight reduction, robustness, ease of handling and secure transmission of a high number of signals in the smallest available space.
Functionality under the most difficult conditions is a basic requirement for all connector technologies in military applications. With over 70 years of experience in high-vertical integration and overall knowledge under one roof, ODU provides high-quality standard products and customised application-specific solutions.

Its premium connectors securely and reliably transmit data and signals, making them useful in an extremely diverse array of applications, for example in soldier modernisation applications.

The circular connectors are designed for group voice and data radios, navigation modules, soldier control units, rugged computers and handheld devices, GPS antennas, military night-vision devices, unmanned systems and land vehicles. The ODU AMC series includes four different types of connector solutions: ODU AMC High-Density, ODU AMC Push-Pull, ODU AMC Break-Away and ODU AMC Easy-Clean.

Saves space
With a diameter range of less than 10.0 to 18.5mm, and a pole density of up to 40 contacts, the connector proves that functionality and premium quality do not require a lot of space. Besides the multiposition signal connector, the product series has different versions for power, and signal and data transmission, which provide the highest performance and functionality in a compact package. The ODU AMC High-Density for USB 3.0 data transfer at a rate of 5gb a second is the amount of space saved.

The miniature connector has a long service life of more than 5,000 mating cycles – even under severe environmental conditions – such as impact with water, dirt, salt and extreme temperature. Blind mating and optimised mechanical and colour coding guarantee safe and simple handling. Through the break-away function, the reliable connection can be detached instantly with a pull on the cable.

Mating options
Different mating options are key features of two more connector solutions of the AMC series. The ODU AMC Push-Pull enables mating and unmating of the connector with minimal force.

The connector solution offers rugged housing with a non-reflective surface, mechanical and colour keying, durability of 5,000 mating cycles, high-speed data technology, watertight protection class IP 68 and IP 69 and versatile configurations.
For connectors that need to be mated and unmated quickly during use, ODU designed the ODU AMC with break-away function. A tug on the cable is enough to unmate the connection. The plug incorporates a unique locking system with mechanical and colour keying options. The ODU AMC Easy Clean also has the break-away function.

The system solutions include protective caps to ensure fast and trouble-free handling of the connectors and the overall system.

Easy cleaning
This plug’s contacts can be cleaned easily and quickly even in the harshest environments. The ODU AMC Easy-Clean was created using a unique spring-loaded pin system that allows for an easily wipeable surface. The connector solution has a protection class IP 68 and IP 69, seven to 19 positions, and mechanical and colour keying. The system solutions include protective caps to ensure fast and trouble-free handling of the connectors and the overall system, and integrated cable assembly solutions and overmoulding.

Reliable functionality
While the ODU AMC series is mainly used in soldier-modernisation applications, ODU offers a broad range of connector solutions. In radio and radar stations, as well as transmission connectors in central electronics, the ODU-MAC ensures reliable connections.

"Our proven single-contact technology is the base of many modules of ODU-MAC," says global portfolio manager Günter Rohr. The open modular connector system combines the versatility of a rectangular connector with customisable modules to create countless custom connector variations for a wide variety of applications. This can be added to the numerous housing options to create the perfect interface for transferring power; signal; pneumatic/fluid; and fibre optic, coax and high-speed data signals all in one easy-to-mate system. The result is an effective, compact and attractive overall connection with unsurpassed functionality. The ODU-MAC ensures reliable connections and is constantly updated with new features.

Rapidly evolving technologies quickly outgrow off-the-shelf connector systems and, accordingly Rohr says: "This is why we offer services for developing custom connector solutions for specific military applications beside available standard solutions. For perfect connections worldwide."