The Munin range is a fast, highly manoeuvrable boat platform with low freeboards to help with marine-based rescue operations and patrols, and the open version completes the Norsafe Munin range of high-speed vessels.

The latest range of fast rescue and patrol boats from the Norwegian company, founded in 1903, can be delivered with surface drives, sterndrives (twin or triple), outboards (twin or triple) and even with a non-stepped hull version .

Norsafe sees the typical Munin S1200 operators coming from special forces, coastguards, law enforcement, SAR, aqua farming and offshore. So far feedback has been positive, appealing to users who are focused on performance and safety.

The high speed of the vessel is achieved via a double-stepped hull and 24° deadrise that also ensures smooth seakeeping abilities and reduced slamming forces in heavy conditions. The added benefit with the stepped hull is the increased range and long-term fuel economy – a proven benefit to some of Norsafe’s customers. It also runs at more than 1,000 hours of annual use. Deck features include eight stainless steel mooring cleats; chain and rope locker; a hatch with gas struts; water gussets on both sides of the aft end of cockpit; and cargo rails for fixing seats, storage boxes and other cargo on deck. In terms of power and performance, the vessel boasts outboard or inboard engines; versions with water jets, stern drives and surface drives available (twin or triple installation); and a calculated top speed of 65kt, depending on propulsion system.