Nordic Shelter holds decades of experience in designing and manufacturing special containers, military shelters, mobile medical facilities and cargo freight units. Apart from being a leading designer of highly specialised container and shelter systems, Nordic Shelter is an independent, authorised representative for our production partners in Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Norway and the United States.
Intermodal container and shelter systems
We specialise in intermodal units that can be transported and handled quickly and cost-efficiently by air, rail, road and sea vessels as standard ISO containers. In order to offer our clients a full range of mobility products Nordic Shelter offers a wide and various range of cargo transport units, container-handling equipment, building modules and insulated panels.
Container and shelter products
We produce a wide range of mobile container and shelter systems for many applications, including:
Expanding containers
Ammunition freight and storage containers
Freight containers
Mobile workshops
Mobile kitchens
Mobile laundries
Mobile ablution systems
Mobile hospitals
Mobile clinics
Command posts
Communications shelters
Accommodation shelters and modules
Water purification
Water desalination
Causeways and connectors
Container-handling equipment
Turnkey container and shelter projects
Our staff have long experience in the execution of large-scale projects for demanding clients worldwide, including turnkey mobile medical hospitals, field kitchens, water purification and desalination plants, mobile command and control systems, and communications shelters.
Customised mobile containers
Most standard containers are manufactured in Asia. We meet the market by offering tailor-made products manufactured close to the customer in order to meet short deadlines, assure proper quality and keep prices low. We perceive quality and proximity to the customer as paramount.
We value personal contact. As a result we are constantly on the move to discuss requirements, technology and methods with clients, authorities and key players in the industry.
Representatives, partners and agents
Nordic Shelter is currently represented by competent and reputable partners in Central Europe, the Middle East and the United States, and we constantly search for new partners and agents. Please contact us to explore possibilities for co-operation.
We do not aim to become the largest provider in the business. However, we guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to be the best and make you and your organisation a returning customer.