What marks NIMR out as a manufacturer of military vehicles?

Miles Chambers: NIMR is unique in the region as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs, develops and manufactures military-grade vehicles for the defence industry. Based on a unique modular 4×4 and 6×6 chassis and driveline, NIMR provides utility, logistic and command variants as well as protected patrol vehicles such as the Ajban class – all with a range of protection options.

With technical expertise cherry-picked from leading global OEMs and supported by local talent, we have a distinct advantage over our competition in that we offer a high degree of platform flexibility and customisation, with third-party systems and new vehicle developments to meet specific mission requirements.

NIMR vehicles have built a reputation for exceptional performance in the harshest desert environments, providing tactical mobility to meet a range of operational requirements on the modern battlefield. We offer a number of key services and solutions such as technology transfer for local assembly of kits, customised solutions, an accelerated vehicle development cycle, and an agnostic third-party system when it comes to equipment integration.

How does the company plan to reinforce its market position regionally and globally?

In March 2016, NIMR moved to a new state-of-the-art 37,500m² production facility in Al Ajban, and in June 2016 NIMR produced its 1,000th vehicle. We are looking to expand by targeting contracts further afield in Eastern Europe, South East Asia and North Africa. To grow into new regions our vehicles are undergoing an intensive upgrade programme to support missions in cold weather climates and right-hand drive configuration.

We have recently purchased the IP for a new category of vehicle, the N35, a family of super MRAPs that are highly mobile, protected and modular in 4×4 and 6×6 configurations. We believe this vehicle will be suitable for use in all regions and will place NIMR in the top tier of global defence vehicle OEMs.

What advantages does being located in the UAE give the company?

As a member of the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC), we receive significant support from the UAE Government in terms of promotion of our vehicles internationally and the promotion of industrialisation in the UAE generally.

The UAE provides many benefits and advantages to international suppliers looking to set up manufacturing capability in the region. It has a large pool of international and local expertise across all business functions to draw from in order to grow our business, and the best Emirati graduates want to work for NIMR thanks to the high profile of the company within the UAE and the nature of the industry.

How long does it take on average from concept to production for a new vehicle?

One of NIMR's unique selling points is the speed of new vehicle developments. For example, the AJBAN special operations vehicle was taken from customer enquiry to concept design, prototyping, vehicle trials test and subsequent industrialisation in less than 24 months. Typically, the industry standard for such a development would be three to four years.

What does the company see as the future for armoured vehicle developments?

Highly mobile vehicles are increasingly sought after by militaries as asymmetric warfare becomes more commonplace, increasing the need for mobility and protection for tactical and utility vehicles, and there is a marked increase in requirements for 8×8 vehicles globally, often as a substitute for track vehicles.

NIMR is always looking ahead to new vehicle developments, niches and technologies to integrate into our vehicles. Typically, this is customer-led, but there is a trend across the whole industry to increase commonality, multirole capability and higher levels of protection, including active protection systems. Providing cost-effective solutions for budgets that differ widely across the world is always on the agenda.