Today’s data must be managed across multiple physical locations throughout its life cycle, from ingestion to transformation, through exploration, inference and archiving. For this reason, agencies benefit from a holistic architecture with data management that extends across edge, core and cloud environments.

Integrating and streamlining the data onto a clean data pipeline is a crucial part of that journey. Organisations want to eliminate bottlenecks and silos that prevent data from flowing seamlessly, and NetApp has the solution to that problem. NetApp Data Fabric unifies data management across the pipeline with a single platform and gives users multiple deployment options at each stage. Agencies can use the same tools to securely control and protect their data in flight, in use or at rest. As a leading provider to the US Department of Defense and the top storage provider to the federal government, NetApp will ensure that its clients’ data meets all necessary security requirements.

At a high level, an end-to-end data pipe model deployment consists of three stages through which the data travels: edge (data ingest), core (data lake), and cloud (data archiving). NetApp allows information to flow seamlessly because each stage uses the same OS: ONTAP.

Edge: data ingest

NetApp allows its clients to collect and transmit all the data they need from the battlefield, whether it is from laptops, IoT, ships, drones or elsewhere. All Flash FAS (AFF) is the world’s fastest cloud-connected flash system. AFF A800 redefines what is possible by unleashing the power of a company’s data, accelerating even the most demanding workloads and running apps with unprecedented speed and scale. Its clients enjoy ultra-low latency of below 200 microseconds and experience massive throughput of 300GB/s, powered by a combination of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) SSDs and NVMe/FC connectivity.

Core: data lake

Agencies need to break free from the limits of today’s infrastructure solutions, which are often complex and unable to consolidate workloads, forcing agencies to scale in ways that strand resces and throttle the performance required by next-generation applications. NetApp HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) is easily deployed within minutes. HCI can consolidate multiple workloads, automate routine tasks, dynamically scale on demand and even decrease TCO.

NetApp modernises storage access networks (SANs) with the industry’s first end-to-end NVMe over fabrics, increasing workload performance by 60% and cutting application response time by half. Modern SANs streamline implementation of critical apps, spin up new workloads quickly and integrate data protection across infrastructure.

The award-winning AFF A-Series supplies enterprise-class, scale-out all-flash storage with the industry’s most advanced data management, dramatically reducing data centre footprint and costs. ONTAP and the A-Series deliver leading density with the industry’s first support of 30TB SSDs – while offering the widest range of cloud-integration choices.

Cloud: data archiving

Data is the heart of digital transformation. The faster an agency can get its data into the cloud – or multiple clouds simultaneously – the more quickly it can achieve mission objectives. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP drives increase efficiency without compromising a thing – and allow users to choose the best cloud options for their circumstances: hybrid cloud, multicloud or milcloud.

NetApp’s cloud options automate data analytics 30% faster, tap into immediate innovation by shifting file services, analytics, databases and DevOps to the user’s choice of the biggest clouds, and run 20 times faster in the cloud with proven ONTAP performance, scale and security. They also enable file-based application data to be brought closer to cloud-based analytics services and achieve real-time insights in a dynamically scalable environment, while their cloning capabilities can be used to significantly reduce development turns and save on cloud expenses.

All of this is backed by NetApp’s expertise and single-point-of-contact support. NetApp delivers the performance and scalability any agency could need, allowing its clients to start small and grow non-disruptively throughout the edge, core and cloud.