The Spanish shipbuilder, Navantia, is a leading and a reference worldwide company that provides the design, construction and integration of state-of-the-art warships, as well as ship repairs and modernisations of civil and military ships.

Moreover, it is also engaged in the design and manufacture of combat management systems, gun fire control systems, integrated communications systems, propulsion and power generation plants – including diesel engine, gearbox and steam turbine manufacturing -, integrated platform management systems, and through life support for all its products and systems, which provides an important added value to the customer.

Navantia provides end-to-end Solutions to its clients which include the design, development, production and lifecycle support of ships and complex systems from the moment that they are conceived until the end of their operational life

Engineering capability

Navantia counts on excellent in-house engineering capabilities which enable it to offer technological Independence to its clients and provide a fast and flexible response


Navantia nurtures R&D&I investments, anticipating the future by improving its current products with innovative solutions and investing in the development of new products to maintain leadership in the industry.

Client focus

Navantia stands out because it is a client-focused company that works closely with its clients to meet their most demanding requirements and adapt to their specific needs

End-to-end solutions

Navantia provides end-to-end solutions that include not only platforms but also systems, training and lifecycle support; as well as the portfolio of consultancy services to shipyards, providing a customised solution and meeting all the needs of each client.

Technology transfer

Navantia has extensive experience in international technology transfer programmes for complex projects, which allows it to minimise risks in an effective way.

Shipyard 4.0

Navantia is involved in a transformation process aimed at adapting to the new market environment. As part of the overall European strategy of the Industry 4.0 project, Navantia is working on Shipyard 4.0 with the technology and facilities that will enable it to take a leap in its industrial evolution, guaranteeing its competitiveness
and continuing to provide high quality in its products. A new shipyard for the 21st century.

As well, Navantia has a centre of excellence for the design, development and integration of complex high-technology systems, that differentiates the company from other conventional shipyards

Navantia delivers competitively pirced projects and supports national security programs working closey with the Spanish Ministry of Defence and with over 20 other countries such as Australia, Norway and Turkey.

Some of the main products are:


Well-proven producs, stateof-the-art technology and large international experience, which minimises risks related to systems engineering, design and construction processes.

Alfa family of light frigates/corvettes

Versatility and combat capability. At the same time, they are designed for a broad spectrum of missions: support to operations involving special forces, patrol and search and rescue operations

Avante family

Broad range of naval solutions covering a wide variety ofmissions, from coastanl protencion and surveillance, maritime traffic projections, healthcare assistance, pollution control, transport of troops and provisions, search and rescue operations,rapid interventions and diver support.

Combat support ships

Their misión includes providing supplies and operational logisticis support to the fleet and logistics support to expedition forces on strategic projection missions and non-warlike operations, including humanitarian aid in natural disasters and pollution control.

Athlas family of amphibious ships

Multi-purpose and can carry out air operation, amphibious, vehicle transport, loading and troops, and humanitarian aid missions. (LPDs and LHDs)


Extensive experience in transfer of technology (TOT) programmes and co-production. Developing the most advanced conventional submarine.